Aranda De Duero (Burgos)


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Modernism and Avant-garde movementsThe rotate of the century brought new winds that modernity. Los aesthetic sensibility of ns time was significant by ns different, freer attitude towards art y life.


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Great municipality in the province the Burgos, i beg your pardon lived a flourishing period under los rule of Enrique IV, in los late 15th century.From its well-off architectural legacy we must highlight los 15th come 16th-century, Isabelline-Gothic church of santa María, whose southern façade to be fashioned as a great reredos, con relief scene of the Adoration of los Magi; los church the San despues de ansan Bautista, site of the Aranda board of directors (1473), with ns beautiful main front do of nine exceptional archivolts; ns Palace of Verdugo, representar the 15th century; the sanctuary of the Virgin of Viñas, representar the 17th century, located in ns outskirts; los Romanesque bridge; ns palace that Colmenares, and numerous ancestral homes. What is more, Aranda ese Duero is located on ns Ribera ese Duero wine Route y has wineries you can visit.