Basilica Of Santa Maria, Alicante

The origins of the Basilica date espalda to ns 14th Century, together it was constructed on the side of los Great Mosque.

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It has actually a individual nave, without un cross shape, with side chapels situated between the buttresses y a total of 6 bays. It has actually a serie of rooms y elements that have actually been added gastos generales time to los basic construction, among which are ns 18th century Rocoo high altar, ns 16th siglo baptismal font y the 1653 Valencian baroque organ.

Highlights include the doorway with its picture of the Virgin mar by sculptor juan Bautista Borja.

Since los beginning of ns 1990’s assorted restoration projects have actually taken place in los building.

Built: XIV-XVIII Centuries

Author: Anónimo

Style: Baroque, Gothic

Category: Religious

Type: Basílica

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Address and telephone

Plaza del Santa María, s/n. 03002 Alicante+34 965 216 026

Opening times

Monday come Sunday*:- representar 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.- from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

*The schedule might be modified follow to los religious services.

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Tickets y prices

Free entry

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