The cliffs y pine woodlands surround this small cove located cinco kilometres far from the center of Tossa después Mar. It is recommended walk there by car y park in los payment parking that we will discovered near los cove.

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Because that is close to of uno residential area, the counts with a remarkable traveler offer y leisure activities. From shower and toiletes service and algunos bar and restaurant to the possibility of practise all species of nautical sports y boat rental to use y personal enjoyment. We have to know the in this cove dock so numerous tourist cruises.

Hoteles dentro de Tossa después Mar y Playa del Aro


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Recommended hotels y apartments in Tossa de Mar

MedPlaya Hotel smo Eloy

Tossa de Mar no

Only 3 kilometres far representar Tossa de Mar, in an area surrounding by un mediterranean forest, we find...

Hostal sant Jordi

Tossa del Mar no

Near los bus station and Platja grande of Tossa de Mar we find ns Hostal sant Jordi. This small and...

Hotel Simeon

Tossa después Mar

Hotel Simeon is located ns few metres representar the beach and the amazing city walls that protect los historical...

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Hotel Corisco

Tossa del Mar

Located few metres near the Platja grande of Tossa después Mar, we find Hotel Corisco. In this establishment of...

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Tossa después Mar is one of ns most emblematic y photographed towns in costa Brava. One of the main factors is the medieval y historical centre, declared Monumento Histórico Artístico Nacional.

The town is isolated representar the other neighbour towns due to the fact that of that steep location. So, its landscape is established for cliffs, some little coves and uncontable hideouts of great naturaleza beauty.

This seeting configure and space to enjoy the cultural tourism doing a visit in los historical centre and Roman village of Ametllers, and the active y sports tourism con its walking or BTT routes.

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The taxis del Tossa del Mar association offers transfer solutions to Girona and Barcelona airports.


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