Camí De Ronda De S'agaró A Sa Conca

S"Agaró’s Camí ese Ronda links ns beaches Racó ese S’Agaró and Sa Conca along ns GR-92 track. With each other with the 19th century urbanization, to be declared a Cultural great of nacional Interest in 1996.

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In enhancement to that architectural and landscape values, los Camí de Ronda is uno privileged sidewalk of costero Brava’s geology heritage. The geology of this shore ‘stretch’, together with its lull to accessibility it, renders this walk ns true open-air museum that permits you to discover a rich range of rocks, structures y reliefs.

This follow owns los award of tourist quality “Itinerari Blau” (Senderos Azules, i beg your pardon allows the connection between ns beaches of santclause Pol y Sa Conca, both qualified with the azul Flag marker, in enhancement of its impressive geological interest.

Parallely to Camí después Ronda, runs los Via Brava the Platja d"Aro itinerary, which is signposted and marked from Easter until mid-October, y allows knowledgeable swimmers to enjoy and safely explore ns coastline desde the sea. This marine itinerary, the Via Brava of Platja d"Aro, begins at el Racó beach and reaches Cala Sa Conca, the is 2 km long. For much more information:

We invite girlfriend to make this distinct journey that will certainly take you desde the depth of ns Earth to ns seaside.

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-You deserve to leave your coche near ns S"Agaró barrier or ns beach of sant Pol.

-Cala Sa Conca need to be crossed through the sandy area. 


-If you decisión to andar on los rocks fuera of the Camí ese Ronda (by los sea) you need to pay fist to the waves. 


-The whole year


-Comfortable footwear

-Sun protection throughout hot days. Cap, cream and sunglasses.

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-It is recommended to stay rubber shoes. Rocky coves room usually covered con algae that, when entering the water, deserve to make friend slip. 

Other equipment:

-At Platja ese Sa Conca over there is a beach bar from Easter Week till September 30.

-In los summer season, there are public commodes on los beach of Sa Conca (same season as the bar)

-S"Agaró’s roundabout has an elevator platform that facilitates access for disabled people with reduced mobility desde Escala del la Gacela to Plaça del mirador (about 600 meters). You should go to los access direccion point of ns urbanization of S"Agaró, where los key y the code will be provided. For much more information: Tourist information Office in Castell-Platja d"Aro novecientos setenta y dos 81 setenta y uno 79