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!!! Waterfall Wednesdays !!!

The cascadas de Orbaneja del cerrar con llave (I’ve likewise seen it called caídas de agua de Merindades) was an example of how a waterfalling motive to visit a particularmente area might yield hidden surprises.

In this instance, we were cure to an attractive waterfall tumbling through and below the town of Orbaneja después Castillo, which satellite near ns border of los region the Castilla y Leon and Cantabria.

Context of the cascada de Orbaneja del castillo surrounded by los town of the same name

Further adding to the atmosphere and enchantment were ns cliffs and rock walls surrounding los town.

At the very least one of ns formations atop the roca walls overlooking los town y gorge listed below contained an impressive naturalmente arch.

Moreover, the rural town chin was rather charming con its historical-looking stone buildings.

Indeed, the unusual y mind-boggling mix of all these points made our visit come the caídas de agua de Orbaneja del cerrar con llave very memorable.

Experiencing the cascada de Orbaneja del Castillo

The waterfall to be essentially uno roadside attraction, and the difficulty rating you see above pretty lot reflected this.

As much of the caídas de agua de Orbaneja del cerrar con llave that i could fit into a solamente photo delaware scrambling more downstream beneath los road bridge

After parking the automóvil in one of the pullouts just past ns bridge fronting los waterfall (see directions below), us then walked along los road back towards the falls.

Immediately, we got ns most contextual y impressive see of the cascadas de Orbaneja del castillo from there.

That said, us were additionally able come scramble closer come the base of the main cascading portion for uno closer y more intimate look.

The structures perched among cliffs provided that distinctive backdrop wherein waterfall y civilization mixed.

Looking across a colorful plunge pool just beneath the road bridge fronting the caídas de agua de Orbaneja de Castillo, which sort of reminded me of a small version of ns Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Yet, this mixture was no done in uno destructive means like what has tendency to take place around urbano waterfalls.

Moreover, we additionally scrambled further downstream from the bridge y saw various other travertine cascades y pools that reminded united state of a mini-Plitvice experience.

Extending our Visit in ~ Orbaneja del Castillo

For every intents and purposes, the waterfalling portion of uno visit below was essentially this falls through town y the cascades more below.

That said, we extended our visit at ns Orbaneja del cerrar con llave since we were also interested in checking fuera the town y its various other attractions.

Looking upstream towards an upper cascade tumbling right desde the center of los village that Orbaneja después Castillo

First, us ascended uno walking path along actions through components of town alongside los main waterfall.

This route passed by an accommodation y then some sort of valve or waterflow control contraption (implicating that ns waterfall could be turn off).

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Eventually, los walkway deposited united state in the centrar of the town that Orbaneja después Castillo.

Just upstream desde the center of town, us saw ns water cave that seemed worth visiting, but it wasn’t open during our visit.

Looking uphill from the centrar of los town of Orbaneja ese Castillo

In any kind of case, we next pursued a better see of the natural arch follow me with los cliff formations above town.

So we ongoing walking steeply up the town’s key road until we to be able come look espalda over los town’s tiled rooftops donate by ns enchanting rock formations consisting of that naturalmente arch.

This is presented in the photo below.

It appeared that over there was another trail that branched off los main road that continued climbing greater up the neighboring cliffs.

However, us didn’t go after those trails so us can’t say what’s increase there nor what it’s like.

Looking gastos generales the tiled rooftops of the village of Orbaneja del castillo towards the piedra formations y the naturaleza arch adorning the cliffs surrounding the town

Overall, ours visit below took nearly noventa minutes, but ns waterfalling part of the visit could’ve quickly taken less than 20 minutes.

When we showed up in los morning at roughly 10:15am, it was pretty quiet.

But when we returned, over there were already some local tour teams along with several more families and individual visitors as well.

So if we originally thought Orbaneja del castillo might be uno hidden secreto in Spain, that wasn’t necessarily ns “secret” to the Spanish nor to well-researched tourist in ns know.

Looking throughout some travertine dams y plunge pools backed by los cliffs surrounding the Orbaneja del castillo town as we walked regreso to the car

Perhaps the ideal visit below would it is in to linger as largo as us did for during our June 2015 visit.

In enhancement to that, it would’ve been worthwhile come visit ns Cueva de Agua (Water Cave) and maybe have ns lunch here.

The understated y non-commercial feeling of this rural town absolutely made it attractive to execute so.

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The caídas de agua de Orbaneja del cerrar con llave resides in los town that Orbaneja del cerrar con llave in ns province that Burgos, Spain. That is administered through the localidades municipality of Orbaneja después Castillo. For information or inquiries about ns area and also current conditions, you might want come visit this website.