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" Bellver lock (Castell del Bellver ) is a circulo castle on ns hill close to Palma de Mallorca on the island of Majorca , Balearic archipelago . It was developed in los 14th century for King jaime II that Aragon . That was offered as un military prison during ns 18th and 19th centuries. Currently it is one of ns main traveler attractions of the island.

Looking up at this castle, so perfect maintained, it is difficult to believe that it has been standing for almost 700 years. Begun by Jaume II in mil trescientos and developed by Pere Salva, the architect of the Almudaina Palace, that is unique amongst Spanish castles in being entirely round. Tres large towers surround a central courtyard, connected by an arch to a free was standing keep. Los courtyard chin is on two levels, the ground floor with semicircular arches y a level roof, los upper level with Gothic arches y rib-vaulting. Because that the completamente effect, walk around the moat then rise onto ns roof y look down into los courtyard come compare ns contrasting styles. If you space there, look fuera over the city and the bay for one of los best see in Palma (Bellver supposed "lovely view" in old Catalan).

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For countless centuries los castle was offered as un prison; Jaume III"s widow y sons were imprisoned here for most of their lives. These days it consists of Palma"s museum of municipal history which traces ns development of the city through the artifacts, with pottery desde Talaiotic, Roman, Arab y Spanish periods.

it was supplied as a prison in los 1950s, ns period wherein many people where still being prosecuted for their loyalty and commitment to los Republic during los Spanish civil War 1936-39. Delaware the cortés War, ns insurgents, gift victorious in part through the aid of national Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy, y also los reluctance come come to ns aid of the democratic Spanish Republic by such significant European strength as good Britain y France, los leader of the Nationalist-Falangist rebellion, Franco, established a dictatorship that would last until his fatality in November 1975.

Some estimates put the totalmente number of executed detainees in Spain in ns first decade of the dictatorship as high together 60,000, few of whom may have actually spent hora incarcerated in Castell ese Bellver.

The intellectual and writer Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos to be one of ns most famous prisoners of ns castle.

You can acquire there by automóvil or taxi, or take un bus to Plaza Gomila y climb up through ns pine madera above Carrer del Bellver, passing a chapel on ns way.

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Pictures desde Castell ese Bellver —apoyándose Palma del Mallorca. a well-preserved 14th-century royal fortress con fragrant pine tree woods, an interesting museum and superb views gastos generales Palma Bay.

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