Como llegar al roque nublo en guagua

This full, diverse itinerary take away in the S-SW border of ns volcanic crater Caldera de Tejeda y allows you to enjoy ns rich selection of scenery y plants. Los walk is done in tres sections: ns first section desde Degollada después Hoya de la vieja via the Roque Nublo dam y ravine as far as Degollada del las Palomas (3 km) take away about 1 hour; los second section starts with ns walk increase to ns Roque Nublo via the coche park and goes as much as Culata después Tejeda (3.8 km), taking 1 hour; y the third section representar La Culata via Lomo los Mancho y Timagada to acantilado de Tejeda (almost seis km) takes about an hour y a half.

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Starting point: at Degollada de Hoya del la Vieja, which is at señalar Km 12 on the GC-60 road from San Bartolomé de Tirajana come Tejeda, 2.2 km representar Ayacata.Distance: 12.5 km.Time: 3 1/2 hours.Level: intermediary – AdvancedEnd point: Tejeda, in ns town centre.

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Barranco ese los SolaponesTejeda desde la zona de TimagadaLos 4 roques: Roque Nublo, La Rana, ns Fraile y ns GalloRoque La Rana

Things to see

This caminar takes in ns number of the island’ beautiful, distinct sights. Los second ar includes ns Roque Nublo, iconic symbol of grande Canaria. This piedra formation to be climbed in mil novecientos treinta y dos by a coporación, grupo of Germans that were fascinated by it. They reached ns top (1813 m) delaware trying for four days.

During los third section, you will see los volcanic crater Caldera de Tejeda, which to be made a Biosphere make reservation in June 2005. The reserve covers 54,000 ha, including 30 ha of sea bed, y has doce Sites of comunidad Interest y Special Bird defense Areas. Ns area is patria to a display of los island’ wealth of naturalmente attractions.

The caminar takes in a major part of los volcanic crater, which has an area of more than 200 km2 (almost ns same size as the isla of los Hierro). Developed by ns sinking of the isla structure around 14.1 million la edad ago, los crater is in ns shape of an ellipse and is approximately veinte x 35 km in size.

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The crater to be filled in during los Miocene with composite volcano materials. It is now ns UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Amaneciendo dentro de el Roque Nublo (Ruta después itinerario dentro verde)
Mapa interpretativo del itinerario completo de la ruta de Hoya La Vieja asciende Tejeda
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