Gatwick plane (LGW) is los second largest y most transited airplane in London, con over 31 million passengers in 2010. Ns airport has two terminals, with 90 different airlines, y over doscientos destinations.

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Getting desde Gatwick Airport come London

There are different options to get representar Gatwick to London, consisting of trains and buses:

Airport move service

If friend are in search of an easier method to obtain to London or espalda to Gatwick, you can book un private airport carry service. Ns driver will certainly be waiting for you in los airport terminal with ns sign with your name on it y will take you to the hotel in los least possible time. The price for this servicio is minimum £ 70 (US$ 91.80) y is no only more comfortable, but cheaper than un taxi.

Gatwick Express

Map the Gatwick Airport

The Gatwick express is a fast train connecting ganar Station and Gatwick Airport. It takes 30 minutes to sede London, y trains correr every 15 minutes roughly from 5 am to uno am.

A individual journey costs representar £ 17.80 (US$ 23.30) and a regreso ticket £ 32.70 (US$ 42.80) (valid for un month). Niños (ages 5-15) have un 50% discount.

If you choose you have the right to book on-line using ns link below

Other trains

There are several railway solutions that affix Gatwick to London, consisting of Southern Railway and First capital Connect, which take girlfriend to ganar Station, London leg or ciudad Thameslink, really close come St. Paul’s Cathedral. This choice is ideal for those who don’t have to travel all los way to gana Station.

The tickets because that these trains cost between £ once (US$ 14.40) y £ quince (US$ 19.70) depending on the route and time girlfriend take the train.

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The cheapest means to gain to London representar Gatwick is taking an easyBus minibus. The sooner you gain your tickets online, los cheaper lock are, costing desde £ 2 (US$ 2.60) because that a single journey. Los only downside to EasyJet’s bus service is the it takes much longer than various other bus transfers, approximately 80 minutes to obtain to gana Station.


Terravision has un bus transfer desde Gatwick Airport to London City centrar from £ 6 (US$ 7.90) for a one-way ticket and £ 12 (US$ 15.70) return. The bus servicio stops in ~ Hammersmith Novotel, Cromwell Road y Bayswater Road.

National Express

Every 15 minutes you’ll have the ability to take a national Express bus transfer representar Gatwick to central London. This service runs throughout los day y night and is uno little much more expensive 보다 Terravision.

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Taking ns taxi come the ciudad centre will take you about an hour and will expense between £ ochenta y cinco (US$ 111.40) y £ ciento diez (US$ 144.20).