Cuanto Cuesta Un Billete De Metro En Madrid

Purchasing un ticket for transport in madrid can be very complicated because the price depends on the hilera you use, los number of stations that want to travel and the empresa that owns the corresponding line.

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To summarize: for area A and ML1 (the centrar part of Madrid), ns price is:

Ticket Price Features y price término trip
Single ticket (zonesA y ML1) 1,5 to 2 Euros The ticket costs ns minimum that 1.5 € y the price rises with ns number of train station to ns maximum of 2 €. From uno to 5 stations: 1,50€ 6 stations: 1,60€ 7 stations: 1,70€ 8 stations: 1,80€ 9 stations: 1,90€ 10 or much more stations 2€. No

Allows for just one trip between selected stations. permits only for travel representar one terminal to another en zone un or ML1 (they contact it "ML1 metro" or "metro ligero" -light metro, LRT- but is actually uno tram).

Combined solamente ticket (all zones except airport) 3 Euros With this ticket you deserve to travel from any metro station to any kind of other, in any zone. The only exception being, the it is not valid for take trip to los airport, i m sorry costs extra (3€).
Bus travel card diez (zone A, zone y bus ML1 EMT) 12,20 Euros The 10 ticket expenses € 12.20 y is precious for diez trips from any metro stop to any kind of other. Valid only in subway train station that space in zone un or ML1 (tram). This ticket may likewise be offered in urbano EMT buses.

The price the this 10 ticket fill is 12,20 Euros, for this reason each trip prices € 1.22.

Combined ticket for diez trips 18,30 Euros This ticket prices € 18.30 y is precious for 10 journeys representar any subway stop any type of other, is los place the is. The only exemption is the you have the right to not use to walk or regresar to los airport. To our knowledge, deserve to not be supplied in urban autobuses EMT.

The price the this diez ticket pack is 18.30 Euros, therefore each trip costs € 1.83.

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To understand los prices, onr must understand that the la capital de españa metro really is "several metros" that have been linked together, and when one gets exits one and enters los other, you have to re-pay los trip follow to ns money you have.

Ticket Zone A B1, B2 Zones B1, B2, B3 Zones, in no TMF (line L9) Airport Zone
One-way ticket 1,50-2€ 1,50€ 2€ 3€
One-way ticket 3€ -
10 trips ticket 12,20€ 11,20€ 12,20€ -
10 trips ticket 18,30€ -

Map of la villa de madrid metro zones

For far better understanding, us performed los following map:

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Puede descargar ns mapa previamente en PDF:- metro Madrid 2021 Prices PDF, small archivo (for just view)- mezeritsch Madrid dos mil veintiuno Prices PDF, high quality (for print)

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Where to buy tourist tickets online?

On los website that Tiqets, you deserve to buy cheaper tickets for all kinds that museums, shows, monuments, attractions, y more locations in Madrid. In some things (few) you can save up to 20%. In most places, with these ticket you will certainly not queue at the entrance (skip ns line).

Questions and answers

Where can mezzeritsch tickets it is in purchased? They deserve to be to buy in various locations:

•The most obvious place is in los machines in the metro stations that allow payment through coins, banknotes and even credit cards. All machines have touchscreen and are easy to use. •The próximo place would certainly be ns following station platforms: Puerta de Arganda, tres Olivos y Estadio Metropolitano. No •Finally, in the passage barrier of the mezeritsch station "Puerta ese Sur". No

Why is pricing of la capital de españa Metro tickets so complicated?

We don"t know. However legend has actually it that la edad ago, uno senior Metro la capital española official conjured up ns devil and asked that to create tariffs come drive human being crazy, hence ns current price of the la capital española metro came into being. To complicate matters further, one price was created the 3 zones (B1 B2 y B3) + ns TFM mezeritsch pack and another for los B1 and B2 region + MetroSur pack. To height it off, in the world of ciudad de la ciudad transport the a tram is a "tram”. In madrid however, it was deemed ns "metro ligero" ("light rail"). Because then millions of world roam ns streets of la capital de españa in ns zombie favor state, cursed forever come wandering, y eating brains.

We expect that with our maps y the above data, you can travel approximately Madrid, happily expertise at all veces how much the fare is, there is no becoming un zombie.

Do children have to pay fare?

All niños from 0 to 3 years, los travel is free. Los rest pay prefer an adult. No

If girlfriend detect uno failure or modification, please call us, so we have the right to fix the asap.

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