The Ebro sencillo is one of los most famed deltas in Europe. Here, ns Ebro -papposo Spain's largerst river rápido meets ns Mediterranean Sea. After hundreds of years, large amounts that water carried sediments and formed this exorbitant wetland in the western Mediterranean. The contains the famous rice fields and320 square kilometres of natural Park.

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The hinchar isn't only ns mecca because that bird city hall fanatics, it's also ns great ar for sport fishing. In fresh water there's carp, blackbass, sander y catfish.

The salt water types are bluefish, leerfish, está dentro bass, amberjack y bluefin tuna just to name ns few.





Considering this, it’s cuales wonder that the Delta ese Ebro is taken into consideration one of los best places for fishing along ns Catalan coast, if not los very ideal place along all of Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Here are ns top cinco fish species representar the Delta.

Bluefin tuna: One of ns most sought delaware species in ns Delta del Ebro, bluefin tuna can grow up come 3.7m y weigh an ext than 600kg. Bluefin tuna are really strong y are well known among anglers for struggling as soon as caught. They tend to dive deep, emptying ns fishing rod’s reel.When los tuna surfaces, friend can use spinning techniques and throw larger lures so the when the tuna is close enough, poppers, rod baits and vinyl have the right to be used to captura it. There’s certainly uno lot of action when catching bluefin tuna y it can be spectacular come watch.Another extendido technique offered to catch tuna is to drive un fishing watercraft at 7-10 knots and drag lures behind. However, perhaps los best method to fish larger tuna is chumming, when you use un boat offshore y put sardines and mackerel overboard come attract los tuna. Los best tiempo to try this an approach is representar April to September.Bluefish: Bluefish are one of los finest varieties in the Delta de Ebro. One of ns best methods used to fish them is trolling, especially using artificialmente lures and natural bait such as tiny barracuda or garfish. Another an approach to shot is to fish using uno boat in well-known areas, trying to provoke ns fish to take uno bite con stick baits, lures or poppers.Bluefish deserve to be uncovered in the Delta del Ebro throughout the year but between April and October, castle are found in abundance particularly close to ns coastline y in shallow waters between 7-15m.Leerfish: On los bucket-list that anglers y fishing enthusiasm is fishing because that leerfish in theEbro river y it's flow mouth,as this brave fighters deserve to reach up to 30kg! To atrapalo them, girlfriend can usar surface lures y poppers, but these big fish choose a natural bait. Using espet/barracuda, needles and curricando, they can be recorded in waters 4-15m deep. Leerfish first appear representar early June.

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Sea bass: throughout winter, you deserve to fish for ~ ~ bass throughout the día with vinyl gestión in ns river. If you catch a female ser bass, it’s advisable to fall it espalda as ns females are reproduction at this tiempo of los year. The ser bass is most energetic during los morning y at dusk.Catfish: As uno freshwater fish, fishing for catfish in the Delta de Ebro will certainly be concentrated upstream. Catfish walk for bait and pellets (a manufactured bait that’s compressed with fish food) y they have tendency to be el fin during dusk and nighttime.You have the right to fish either desde the coast or representar a watercraft using well-chosen and strategically placed mounts. Catfish have the right to be recorded throughout los year, although los best hora is from April come November when the water is usually over 12°C.

Spring: during springtime, the Ebro river Deltabegins come come alive with freshwater and saltwater species (and also, rise of plankton-feeding tiny species that are consumed by bigger predators). During April y May, you deserve to starttrolling y jigging to captura bluefin tuna and little tunny. It’s also uno good hora to captura leerfish y bluefish making use of dead bait (small barracuda or un garfish) indepths of 7-15m.Summer: This is los best tiempo of year forfishing in ns Delta después Ebro. Throughout July, August and September, the waters are lleno of activity with large quantities of está dentro gulls hovering over the frenzies. Again, the fishing will be in both freshwater y saltwater, and it’s ns good time to fish bluefin tuna just offshore. Closer to the coast, friend can shot trolling with natural bait (squid or mackerel) to catch types the fish likebarracuda, bluefish, dentex or leerfish.Autumn: Fishing in Delta de Ebro during autumn is one excellent hora of year, an especially for trolling along los coast con small lures and feathers to captura mackerel, melva, little tunny and dolphinfish typically in waters 40-50m deep. It’s also ns good tiempo to fish barracuda with un garfish to atrapalo leerfish or bluefish in depths ranging desde 7-15m.Winter: throughout wintertime ns marine fisheries are calmer. However, in good weather conditions, Ebro hinchar fishingcan quiet be a very fertile place come fish. The most common types to be found here room black spot está dentro bream, forkbeard, conger eel, Atlantic wreckfish y grouper.During winter it’s much better to fish in ns River Ebro because, although ns temperature is lower and there is a chance that storms, ns river remains calm and sheltered. January to March is additionally an excellent tiempo to fish because that sander y catfish as los water is clearer.

Bottom Fishing (7)

Tuna fishing (8)
Trolling (9)
Fly fishing (4)
Spin Fishing (6)
Squid Fishing (3)
Popping (6)
Shark Fishing (1)
Deep ~ ~ fishing (3)
Live bait fishing (1)
Jigging (6)

Ebro sencillo National Park: los Ebro Delta, one of los most essential wetlands in los Mediterranean, isone of los best spots for birdwatching in Spain. Over trescientos different species of birds space either residents or migratory to los Ebro Delta. Observewonderful types like los Great Reed Warbler,Red crested Pochard, Black-necked Grebe and of course theGreater Flamingo.

Other activities in los Ebro hinchar National Park:Kayak, Windsurfing, dragon Surfing, Hiking...

Visit Poble Nou, l'Ampolla, los beach that Riumar.

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You need ns fishing patent for Ebro delta fishing, (fresh water y salt water) which can be obtained on los website desde the Generalitat del Catalunya:

remember that los fishing charters or her fishing guidenormally have los fishing license consisted of in the price, so girlfriend don't need to buy one if you're chartering un boat.