El Patio De Los Leones De La Alhambra De Granada

The palace of ns Lions or royal residence of ns Ryad al Said, likewise known in the Arabian resources as los Palace of los Happy Garden, occupies the centrar position of the fortified enclosure of the Alhambra. The represents los peak that Nasrid architecture, coinciding with los reign of Muhammad V (1362-1391).

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los lion fountain, símbolo of the sultan’s power, is not only ns most representative aspect of its decorative richness but also of ns complex and sophisticated hydraulic device of the palace enclosure.

History that Patio de los Leones

The conclusions of the research work-related carried out on the palace seem to clarify the Sultan Muhammad V developed his royal residence on ahead constructions, maybe belonging to a palace and garden, dating desde the hora of ns fifth Nasrid Sultan, Ismail identificación (1313-1325), whose layout without doubt influenced ns architectural orientation. The palace has ns very intricate design con a cuadrangular courtyard, spread according to the model of uno cruise garden, fitted with un large sede fountain and four orthogonal channels. It has actually porticoes ~ above all four sides and projecting pavilions on the two smaller sides. Its key nucleus is on the phia băc side, dubbed by los Qubba mayor or los Hall of los Two Sisters. That is arches and colonnades room noteworthy and surround the entire space. Los established decorative rhythms answer to uno subtle mix that is complemented by ns chiaroscuro of los plasterwork producing an setting charged with exoticism that has been valued by plenty of travellers and artists over time.

The patio has actually arrived today with the configuration of a transept and central fountain, choose this one, couple of remains in the world of the medieval Islamic world. Proportionally perfect, the adds visually to ns courtyard ns gallery that columns that has made that one of los most universal y admired examples.

The fractional of ns lions occupies the central axis of ns palace, about which ns different rooms open. It consists of twelve sculptures of fountain lions, distributed in a radial means that seem to “hold” in their backs a huge dodecagonal taza of 2.56 meters in diameter. Los cup, consist of of a centrar spout and epigraphic, geometric and vegetal decoration, rests on a cylindrical bases made that limestone. The centrar piece of the spout is uno replica of ns original i m sorry was eliminated in 1981 for study. It contains eight holes distributed around ns perimeter the correspond to los eight largest drains located underneath them. In this way, ns water the pours representar the fractional is collected in ns drains, without overflowing representar the cup, establishing un gentle harmony with los water the flows desde the lions’ mouth pipes, producing ns soft murmur of water.

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Studies from a historical-artistic examination of 2010-2011, have presented that ns configuration the this palace did no have ns garden, and that that is pavement was really possibly do of white marble from Macael. At the end of ns 16th or beginning of the 17th century, the was most likely replaced through coloured glazed ceramic flooring the was come be preserved until 1810 when the was removed to plant ns garden during los French occupation. This produced plenty of filtrations by los irrigation water and led come its elimination y replacement through earthenware pavement until mil novecientos trece when los intervention that Modesto Cendoya took place, who significantly replaced ns earthen surface with gravel representar river stones.

The twelve lions of los white marble fountain of Macael take united state to los metaphorical picture of the power of the palatine ciudad of los Alhambra. It represents los milestone in which los complex evolutionary process of engineering y aesthetic idea culminates, where science and art coexist perfectly. The emphasizes ns meticulous y detailed procedure that proceeds in ns execution of los lions, unique in their varieties but derived from models desde the ancient world, mainly Mesopotamia and the Hittite world. Although the figures of los lions show up to be the same, in reality they room different from each other, y they space found con their moverse to ns source in an intencional symbolic attitude. In an alarm attitude with their jaws clenched, your tails folded, y their ear raised, they relocate away from hieraticism.

Each block of marble offered in los lions was very closely chosen in los quarry by los carver, with the intention that the naturalmente veins of the stone would match ns rounded forms of los lion’s musculature y as a contrast to los animal’s coat.

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The fountain container is uno unique large piece, weighing 2.10 loads without water y 3.30 tons full. Initially it must have actually been transported desde the quarry to the courtyard with ns emptying of los container, ns stitching and the finishing touches to that is chiselling in situ. Los epigraphic verses surrounding the fountain taza offer un metaphorical language. Los promoter sultan is alluded come as the embodiment that power y the sacred family tree of the Ansares as protectors, so the symbolism of los fountain as an image of power y the lions together representatives of the lineages that protect y sustain it can not be ruled out.

Without doubt, the lions that provide name to los palace and the courtyard, the incalculable value, are ns “crown jewel” of los Nasrid monument. As his historical-artistic studies progress, an ext details emerge representar his physiognomy.