Located at los heart the Cadiz Bay, ns town features numero 3 different species of landscape: marshland, pine tree groves y beaches.

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The marshes at der Toruños y near ns River Guadalete, are part of Cadiz Bay naturalmente Park.The city alsoincludes los Puerto después Santa Maria swamp Complex, consisting of La Laguna Salada, Juncosa and La Chica. Ns beaches, long with fine sands, are one of the town"s main attractions.

El Puerto de Santa Maria, granted town status in 1281, is completamente of monuments y places of interest, such as smo Mark"s Castle, Villarreal y Purellena Palaces, los Basilica menos que nuestra Sra. De los milagros, La gana Monastery and the Bullring.

How to arrive:

Air Transport

Jerez después la Frontera plane is doce km away y has daily connections to Madrid and Barcelona, y other European cities depending on the time the year.

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There are trains representar Jerez airplane to los Puerto ese Santa María and vice versa.

Rail Transport

There are straight lines to los main Spanish cities y a suburban rail line.

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Road Transport

Bus paths to the capital and the different towns in ns province and roads because that driving to ns Puerto del Santa María in your very own vehicle.

Sea Transport

Maritime Passenger solutions between el Puerto ese Santa María y Cádiz. Only of Cadiz Joint carry Consortium: Catamaran - Line B-042


according to tradition, it was started by ns hero of ns Trojan War, who referred to as it los Port that Menestheo. Publius Escipion provided it the name Puerto Gaditano, an interpretation port that Cadiz. Los Moslems knew ns town together Alcanter or Almacia Alcantes, which way "Port that the salt Mines". In the 13th century, Alfonso X readjusted its name to papá noel Maria ese Puerto.

ns abundance and significance of archaeological remains such together those at Aculadero and Doña blanca illustrates los importance of this town since ns Palaeolithic period, pass through the ancient Mediterranean world, ns Roman era and the Moslem dynasty, come which the belonged for gastos generales five centuries. Conquered in mil doscientos cincuenta by Ferdinand III, it to be re-settled and fortified in mil doscientos cincuenta y cuatro by Alfonso X, who respected los Arabs" bureaucratic organisation, limiting the Christians to ns possession that fortresses y the repertoire of un tribute.

Cristopher colón lived here y persuaded Juan del la ware to enable him to usar his ship, the papá noel Maria. With ns discovery that America, commercial web traffic with ns Indies began, and the city was the starting señalar for many an american expedition, such as los voyage that Alonso Ojeda (1499) y the one undertaken through Rodrigo del Bastidas and Juan ese la producto (1504), till Seville was granted uno monopoly of ship charter y expeditions.

During los 16th y 17th centuries, it to be the bases of the Royal Galleys and headquarters of los Captaincy normal of ns Ocean Sea.

In 1810, ns French make it your headquarters during los siege that Cádiz.

With the arrival in mil ochocientos veintidos of the Hundred Thousand continencia of San nombre de niño to recover Ferdinand VII"s crown, the king signed the famous "Puerto del Santa Maria Decree", i beg your pardon retracted his acceptance of the 1812 Constitution and led to harsh reprisals against los Liberals.

ns 19th century saw the regreso of ns town"s advertisement activities, with ns production, commercialisation and export of wines i m sorry has ongoing up to ns present day.

the town is taken into consideration to be one of the birthplaces of flamenco song. No no Eminent citizens Rafael Alberti.