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Modernism y Avant-garde movementsThe revolve of the siglo brought new winds that modernity. Ns aesthetic sensibility of los time was significant by uno different, freer attitude towards art y life.


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One of los places that best represents the costa de la iluminaciones is el Puerto ese Santa María. This city of whitewashed walls lies amongst pinewoods, beaches y marshes, appropriate on ns Bay of Cádiz. The bahía de Cádiz naturalmente Park serves as ns backdrop for los town centre"s many symbolic buildings and the boats on ns coast. Marinas, bahía courses and luxury residential complexes lie on ns Atlantic coast, enjoying beautiful views y more than 300 days of sunshine ns year.

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El Puerto is collection on ns Costa ese la Luz, on uno section of los Atlantic shore where los pinewoods, growing amongst marshes, reach right debajo to the sand of the beach. Ns enviable climate that this Andalusian town makes it an sobre steis destination for world who desire to enjoy los sun, ns sea y outdoor sports. And, in this incredible naturaleza landscape, with uno deep seafaring tradition, luxurious traveler complexes have actually been set up, provided with all ns comforts any kind of traveller could want. Advances like Vistahermosa, Puerto Sherry and Casino de bahía de Cádiz are amongst them.Travellers can enjoy their leisure time in los many restaurantes in ns area, y in swimming pools, on solo courses and at marinas. More than 15 kilometre of beaches of fine, golden sand lie at ns Puerto del Santa María. The beach bars stand on Levante, Valdelagrana, papa noel Catalina and Fuenterrabía beaches are an unbeatable alternative for tasting ns area"s wealthy seafood with views of the Atlantic. Un sherry, with its own Denomination that Origin, deserve to accompany any of the food. Town centreAccording to the legend, this seafaring town, patria of ns poet Rafael Alberti, was started by an Athenian leader. Yet it is not until ns Muslim invasion that we have actually historical documentation of los settlement. This town in los province the Cádiz skilled its biggest splendour after its reconquest through Alfonso X (13th C.) y under los rule of ns dukes the Medinaceli. During the following centuries, its partnership with the Atlantic Ocean y the maritime explorations (including ns Discovery that the new World) led it come be called Captain Generalcy of ns Ocean Sea. Because of its riches of monuments, the whole town has been declared uno Site of cultural Interest.The Castle of smo Marcos is one of the most outstanding structures of the whole town. Built on the site that an viejo mosque, that preserves a Christian chapel in its Keep. In the layout girlfriend can uncover both Almohad and Gothic elements, los result of año of cultural coexistence. It is an historical site that has been declared ns Site of cultural Interest. Among los religious structures in ns Puerto del Santa María, ns Great Priory Church, who original plan goes back to ns 15th century, is outstanding. Los main front, recognized as los Portada ese Perdón, i m sorry preserves Gothic elements, choose pinnacles, flying buttresses and gargoyles, is from this period, although ns rest of los building is from a later on date. For its part, los Puerta del Sol was designed in ns 17th century, as observed by ns grooved columns, florecido decoration y medallions. Ns urban advance of los town center between ns 17th and 18th centuries result in ns multitude the Baroque buildings, like the Casa del los Leones, one of los most representative. The construction of this palatial house was notified by one of the many sellers who had come from the Cantabrian coastline to do service in this port. We will additionally find ns Monastery of La Victoria, un former hospital and prison, likewise declared uno Site of cultural Interest. Its fortress-like figure alternates functions of flamboyant Gothic with those of ns Renaissance style. The splendid main front is worth uno good look. Ns churches of san Francisco, La Concepción y La Mayor de Nuestra Señora ese los Milagros, also as los convents the Las Capuchinas y El el espíritu Santo, room other an excellent examples of Cádiz spiritual architecture. Your tourism can fin with the palace that Valdivieso or at the Bullring, one of the oldest in Spain. Costa después la LuzEl Puerto is an excellent place because that tasting the best the Cádiz cuisine. Comida in the Bay of Cádiz is based on fish y shellfish from the Atlantic Ocean, which space accompanied through vegetables representar the fields. Little shrimp omelettes, Rota-style red band bream and seafood soup room some of ns recipes the traveller should not miss. Cuttlefish with potatoes, clams, marinated fish y mackerel with noodles complete ns gourmet menu. The wine is desde the Jerez-Xérès-Sherry y Manzanilla-Sanlúcar del Barrameda Denomination of Origin.The Costa de la Luz provides us interesting places combining town centres completamente of monuments with beaches beside los Atlantic. Sanlúcar después Barrameda, where horse races are organized on ns beach (Festival declared un site of internacional Tourist Interest), Puerto Real, san Fernando, Chiclana y Conil después la Frontera show us the best of the Cádiz maritime tradition. From el Puerto del Santa María, catching ns "Vaporcito ese Puerto" watercraft that takes the visitor come Cádizon ns other lado of los bay is ns must. Here the districts that La Viña, papa noel María y El Pópulo lug you near to the region"s finest carnival and flamenco tradition. If we room talking around flamenco, though, Jerez después la Frontera is the patria of los most famed vocal chords. This is a aristocracia city where wine cellars and Cartujano steeds (stars of ns Horse Fair, also of international Tourist Interest) are worth un visit. Beautiful churches y its majestic fortress must also be contained in ns tour.