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From Elvis in Memphis is ns thirty-fifth studio album by americano rock and roll singer Elvis Presley, released on RCA Records. That was recorded at americano Sound estudio in Memphis in January y February 1969 under los direction the producer poco Moman and backed by its casa band, informally well-known as "The Memphis Boys". Following los success that Presley"s mil novecientos sesenta y ocho Christmas television special and its soundtrack, los album significant Presley"s regreso to non-soundtrack albums delaware the perfect of his película contract with supremo Pictures.

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Presley"s entourage encouraged him to leave los RCA studios y record this album at american Sound, a nuevo Memphis estudio at the peak of a hit-producing streak. Ns reason because that going to Moman"s studio was for the soul sound the the house band, "the Memphis Boys". Los predominance of nación songs among those tape-recorded in these sessions provides them ns feel of the "country soul" style. This impression is emphasized by the frequent usar of los dobro in los arrangements. In any case, ns Memphis boys have uno solidly southern soul sound.

From Elvis in Memphis to be released in June 1969 to favorable reviews. Los album peaked in ~ number trece on los Billboard 200, number two on the nación charts y number one in los United Kingdom, and its soltero "In los Ghetto" reached number numero 3 on ns Billboard warm 100. The album was certified gold by the Recording Industry asociación of estados unidos de américa in 1970. In later on years, the garnered further conveniente reviews, while it was ranked number 190 on Rolling stone magazine"s dos mil tres list that the 500 greatest albums of all time.

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From Elvis In Memphis 2 CD classic Album Presentation

Booklet cover.

The original Album

Side 1

01 Wearin" that Loved On watch 2:2802 Only ns Strong endure 2:4403 I"ll host You In My heart (Till identificación Can organize You In mine Arms) 4:3504 largo Black Limousine 3:4505 the Keeps appropriate On A-Hurtin" 2:4006 I"m Movin" top top 2:56

junto a 2

07 power Of my Love 2:4108 tenderness On mine Mind 3:2509 delaware Loving you 3:0810 true Love travels On a Gravel roadway 2:4211 Any trabaja Now 3:0412 In ns Ghetto 2:52

First Takes

13 Wearin" the Loved on Look (takes 3,10) 3:4514 Only ns Strong Survive (take 1) 2:2715 Long black Limousine (take 6) 4:3216 It Keeps right On A-Hurtin" (takes 1,2) 4:2217 I"m Movin" On (takes 1,2) 3:3918 Power Of mine Love (take 1) 3:1419 After love You (take 2) 3:4320 True Love travels On uno Gravel Road (take 2) 2:3721 Any día Now (takes 1,2) 3:4022 In ns Ghetto (take 1) 2:5623 In the Ghetto (takes 2,3) 4:0624 In los Ghetto (take 4) 2:58

CD 2

January Outtakes

01 Long black Limousine (takes 7,8,9/M) 5:0202 Wearin" that Loved top top Look (takes 12,13,14) 4:5303 In the Ghetto (take 11) 3:1904 In ns Ghetto (take 13) 2:5305 In ns Ghetto (take 20) 3:04

February Outtakes

06 True Love travels On a Gravel Road (take 4) 2:3307 True Love travels On uno Gravel Road (takes 6,7) 4:3708 Power Of my Love (takes 2,3) 3:1809 Power Of mine Love (take 6) 3:5610 After love You (take 3) 3:4111 Only los Strong Survive (takes 17,20fs, 21,22) 4:3612 Any día Now (takes 3,4) 5:16

Undubbed Masters

13 Wearin" that Loved ~ above Look 3:0714 I"m Movin" On (with steel-guitar overdub) 2:5715 Gentle On mine Mind (with track replacement overdubs.) 3:4216 In ns Ghetto 3:0617 yes, really Love travels On ns Gravel Road 3:1618 Power Of my Love 3:0819 After loving You 3:1520 Only los Strong Survive 3:2221 It Keeps ideal On A-Hurtin" 3:1122 Any day Now 3:15

Recorded at sessions top top January 13-16 & 20-23 y February 17-22, mil novecientos sesenta y nueve at americano Sound Studio, Memphis.

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From Elvis In Memphis : FTD distinct Edition 2 CD <7" standard Album Presentation>

Personnel: Elvis presley (vocals, guitar, piano); Reggie joven (guitar); john Hughey (steel guitar); ns Memphis Horns (horns); Bobby timber (piano); Bobby Emmons (organ); Ed Hollis (harmonica); Mike Leech, Tom Cogbill (bass); Gene Chrisman (drums); mar Greene, Donna Thatcher, Susan Pilkington, Sonja Montgomery, Mildred Kirkham, Dolores Edgin, joe Babcock, Hurschel Wiginton (background vocals). Videotaped at americano Studios, Memphis, tennesse in January & February 1969. Includes liner aprecies by Peter Guralnick, Colin Escott.

Compilation produced and art command by serious Mikael JÃ ¸rgensen and Roger Semon

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