Entradas para la catedral de sevilla

The Cabildo reopens access through los Lagarto door for on line access y through Prince door because that face-to-face salga of surplus tickets on los web platform. That is a visitor service point where you deserve to purchase los tickets that have actually remained easily accessible in the en línea sale. Desde this same door, visitors will be admitted at ns established times and through groups con reducedcapacity. Prices at ns ticket office have a surcharge of10%.

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CATHEDRAL accessibility HOURSOnline access: Puerta del LagartoTickets señalar access: Puerta de PríncipeMonday toSaturday: 10:45 a.m. -papposo 6:30 p.m.Sunday: 2:30 p.m. —apoyándose 6:30 p.m.
en línea purchase recommended

Guided tour. The Roofs of the Cathedral

Monday to Thursday

10:00 h., 11:00h., 19:00h. Y 21:00h.*

Saturday and Sunday

9:30 h.,10:00h., 19:00h., 19:30h., 21:00h., 21:30h.*


Guided tour. Cathedral y Giralda tower

Monday to Sunday19:30 h.

Access: Puerta ese San Miguel

Schedules and prices

Entry tickets Online. Anticipate y buy your tickets in a simple and safe way. Save time y avoid queues. On-line Booking

Cathedral that Sevilla


Cathedral y Giralda tower


General admission 10 €.

Reduced admission 5 €.

Free admission for Natives or occupants in los Diocese of Seville, Unemployed, Disabled y Children until catorce years old.

Those mentioned listed below have the right to ns reduced entrance ticket:

– college student between quince and 25 years of period with international student map or student card in force. Minors between quince and diecisiete years old, will be able to prove it con their D.N.I or Passport.-. Pensioners; over 65 years old, or pensioners due to illness. 

Those mentioned listed below have los right to a resident entrance ticket:

– Every human born or residing in Seville and its Diocese – which right now coincides with ns geographical province.

In every case, it will certainly be causing obligation to show an accredited file on the día of ns visit. Los acquisition of un resident ticket without reflecting some present regulated documentation will suggest purchasing a nuevo ticket.

Those mentioned listed below have los right to ns free entry ticket:

– children under quince years old.– People with disabilities starting from 65%.– unemployment people.


The roofs of los cathedral

The roofs of ns cathedral un journey v time, ns unique experience to understand how los Cathedral was built.

Throughout the tour you will accomplish a serie of personalities that participated in theconstruction: ns master mason, stonemasons, bricklayers, carpenters, blacksmiths, pot makers, esparto workers, pawns … every collaborating con their job-related so that the project of the construction of uno Gothic y Renaissance cathedral could end up being real.

Get to know ns Cathedral from a high point, take uno walk on its rooftops, caminar through passages, and enjoy the panoramic views readily available by los Cathedral’s architecture y its urbano surroundings.

Do not miss out on it! …

Visiting Timetable

From Monday come Sunday

9:30 h. – 10:00 h., 21:00 h., 21:30 h. Y 22:30 h.

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January 01

January 06

Corpus Christi

August 15

December 08

December 25

These schedules y visiting work may under go changes due to the celebration of particularly events.



Duration of the Visit

Approximately noventa minutes

Price the Admission

The social visit of ns roofs expenses € 16 per person plus €1 that disposable earphone.

This price includes: tourism of los roofs, guided by un technician in the interpretation of los heritage that will certainly accompany you throughout los tour.

In the same method it includes, throughout your visit of ns covers, an accident insurance money (policy valid specifically for civilization under setenta years old).

Avoid queues and buy your ticket online.

In case of inclement weather the cultural visit will be suspended y you can request a change of date or refund of los amount.


Due to the characteristics and difficulty of the tour, y for la seguridad reasons, ns visit is limited to world older than diez years old and who execute not suffer cardio respiratory tract diseases, vertigo or whose mobility is not limitado due to age or health reasons (minimum uno adult because that every 2 children under 16 but always over 9 ). If visitors room older than 70, they should sign los document that will be handed in to them, assuming the responsibilities that may arise from any incident during their visit.You need to be current at Puerta del San Miguel, avenida de la Constitución, 10 minutes before los time suggested on your acquisition voucher. Please be punctual.Due come the específico circumstances of ns visit, latecomers will not it is in admitted when it has actually startedYou must admitir this bonus to the accompanying technician y it is recommended to store it with you for ns entire journey. That is not necessary to have uno printedticket: it may be displayed on any kind of mobile deviceFor reasons of conservation of los heritage, los visitor have to commit to exactly behaviour y respect for ns Monument. Ns integrity of every ornamental y architectural facets will be scrupulously respected.The accuse of the accompanying technician will certainly be adhered to at all times.The usar of cameras because that exclusively empleado purposes is allowed. For los visitors’ safety y convenience, los use of a tripod is no allowed, except con prior authorization.To guarantee ns good high quality of the visit, use of cellphones is prohibition during ns tour. Its usar is limited, exclusively, to the taking of photographs. It is argued that you save your phone call in silent mode. They may only be offered for taking mobile device. Photographs.The tour of ns visit takes location inside the temple. You should keep silence out of respect for various other visitors.In los face of unexpected circumstances, ns Town the supervisory board Management always reserves los right to readjust or cancel the authorization granted.

The Roofs. Rules y recommendations. DOWNLOAD


Collegiate Church of ns Divine Saviour

The visiting hours can be modified since of ns celebration of part act of prayer or cultural activity. For uno better company of her visit we recommend you come consult the «Calendar» section.

Monday v Friday from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm *(box office till 2:00 PM)

Exceptionally top top Sunday honorable 15, ayudar a las personas church will open desde 2:30 afternoon to 7:00 pm *(box office till 6:30 PM)(*) Evacuation of los Temple’s inside will take place quince minutes before closure.


In los Collegiate Church of the Divine Saviour you have the option that acquiring ns ticket simply to visit this monument, or friend have a joint ticket the includes a visit to los Cathedral y to los Giralda as well.

Cultural visit to los Collegiate Church of ns Divine Saviour

General entry Ticket: 4.00 euro (AUDIOGUIDE INCLUDED)

Free Admission*: Natives or citizens of ns Diocese of Seville / Minors up to 15 years viejo accompanied by one adult / Disabled individuals with a companion / unemployment * Accredited by main document.

Joint Visit Cathedral + Giralda + Collegiate Church of the Divine Saviour

General entry Ticket: 9.00 Euros

Reduced entrance Ticket: 4.00 Euros: Pensioners / Students up to 25 years old

Free admission:* Natives or residents in the Diocese the Seville / Minors increase to15 years viejo accompanied by an adult / Disabled people with ns companion / unemployed * Accredited by official document.

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Recommendation: If friend acquire the Entry Ticket for ns joint visit, you will certainly not have to wait in queue at the entrance of the cultural visit to los Cathedral, since the access is direct, provided los corresponding ticket is presented at los access control. Because of this, the is our recommendation that you start your social visit at ns Collegiate Church, and then walk to ns Cathedral and the Giralda.