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If you space planning a trip to la capital de españa to see verdadero Madrid, girlfriend will find everything you require to know here about where to go to acquire hold of Real la capital de españa tickets. Review on come find out how come buy Real la capital española tickets, whereby to buy them, y how much they cost.

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Seating Plans

First you require to understand about ns seating plans and how ns stadium is to adjust out.

Real la capital española play in los Santiago Bernabéu stadium, i beg your pardon has los capacity to chair 80,000 spectators. The address of ns stadium is: Concha Espina 1. Friend can gain to the by taking ns metro.

Metro: Santiago Bernabéu (Dark blue Line, L10)When you leave the mezzeritsch the stadion is best in prior of you.

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The seating in los Santiago Bernabéu stadion is divided as follows:

Category 1: Low/middle sidesCategory 2: High sidesCategory 3: Low/middle goalsCategory 4: High goals

This definition that category uno and category tres are closestly to pitch level.

You can additionally buy ns tickets directly representar Real la capital de españa through ns webpage.Real la capital española tickets desde the main Real la capital de españa website.

Usually you"ll find the próximo couple of matches detailed, y you"ll have ns option to reserve tickets. This ar of the website is in Spanish. Look because that "venta" which means "sales". Some complement tickets have the right to only be scheduled by members. To collect your tickets, walk to ns first floor of ns commercial centre in ns corner of ns Real la capital española stadium, betweenMonday rápido Saturday: 10:00 rápido 19:30 and Sunday y Public vacaciones 10:30 —apoyándose 18:30, except complement days. To choose up pre-booked tickets on complement days, you have to go to the ticket office at the stadium.

Real la capital de españa tickets can additionally be purchase directly from the Santiago Bernabéu stadium desde box office 44. Together you approach ns stadium, you will certainly see ns windows for ns box offices. Each one is numbered. Crate office 44 is in torre (tower) A, y tickets because that each Saturday"s game are on aparecer the day before (Friday) from15:00 - 20:30.

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absent off tiempo is confirmed los Monday prior to los game, therefore check the website to make sure ns date and time that the juego hasn"t been moved.

There is uno number to contact to purchase tickets con your credit card.Tel:+34 90 232 4324

Ask for an English speak operator. Although this línea is often engaged due to los high need for tickets.

The banco La Caixa, likewise sells tickets.Find the nearest La Caixa branch in Spain.

It is advisable to to buy tickets cuales later than 2 weeks before ns game, or they may be sold out. To see de verdad Madrid"s game schedule you have the right to visit your website.Look up the próximo Real la capital de españa match.

Tickets are marketed in order of priority, an initial going come season ticket holders, then club members, y then holders of los "Carnet Madridista", i beg your pardon is a fanclub card that you need to pay for.

The Fanclub map (Carnet Madridista) is obtainable through the Real la capital de españa website for€35.00a year. You can obtain signed image of sociedad members, y updates around what ns team room doing. Plus entries right into competitions, y the chance to win a weekend in Madrid.

Real la capital española Ticket Prices

The price of tickets different wildly depending upon location, availability y who they space playing. Los information booth at the stadium informed me that the cheapest tickets are obtainable from€30.00. However, for huge games, because that example, against Barcelona, y the finest seats, prices can soar increase to€700.00if bought with an agent. Straight through real Madrid, ns maximum price for tickets is lot less. Expect to salary about€95.00, although it does rely on ns game.

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There are unofficial ticket touts selling tickets around the entrance on match days, but many of the tickets space fake. The is no advisable to threat buying this tickets, together they won"t it is in cheap, y checks are run frequently by officials at ns stadium, come ensure the all Real la capital española tickets are; Real.

Parking near To Real la villa de madrid Stadium

Car park NameAddressApproximate Walking street to coche Park in Meters
Holiday INN - General Perón 34Avenida después General Perón, 34470 m
EMT OrenseAvda. General Perón, 27480 m
APK2 bulevar de BrasilAvenida del Brasil550 m
Garaje Gayarre —apoyándose Nuevos MinisteriosPaseo después la Habana, 10600 m

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