Free tour santa cruz de tenerife

Learn exactly how Santa superar de Tenerife to be not constantly the ciudad capital of los island, that under that is main square are los remains that an viejo castle, and many various other fascinating facts when you take this fantastic walking tour.

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Learn just how Santa cruz de Tenerife was not always the capital of ns island, that under its main square are los remains the an viejo castle, y many various other fascinating facts when you take this fantastic walking tour.



Enjoying los free tour in Santa superar de Tenerife
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Santa la cruz de Tenerife free Tour

We will meet at Plaza hispana squarein Santa cruz de Tenerife to start a very special complimentary tour the this enchanting city.

First that all, you will hearabout the origins of this elegantsquare y admirethe wonderful,historical buildings and monuments the surround it. We will certainly see ns Palacio Insular, casa of los Tenerife city Council, los Real Casino, and the obelisk in honor of los Virgin of Candelaria, ns patron smo of los Canary Islands.

Afterward, we will descend under the cuadrado to find los remains of los San pie de cristo Castle. We will certainly travel back to ns 16th century to discover how Tenerife defended itself representar the plundering of pirates and other invaders.

We will stroll through thestreets until we reach ns church of smo Francisco después Asís, los second most vital parish in ns city. Delaware admiring its facade, us will head to los Plaza Príncipe del Asturias square. There, girlfriend will discover theMuseum of good Arts and the Círculo del Amistad XII, two iconic buildings.

We will continue walking towards ns church of los Conception, one of the oldest Catholic holy places in Tenerife. There, girlfriend will find out all around its fascinating history from the expert guide.

The último stop of los free tourism in Santa superar de Tenerife will be at ns Mercado de Nuestra Señora de África (Our señora of áfrica Market). We will certainly bid farewellat this point y you will be cost-free to perform all los shopping girlfriend want.

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Tours or tasks will no consist of more than 24 people per group.

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A safe street of one metre in between clients will certainly be preserved whenever possible.

The use of masks is obligatory. The client must lug their own mask.

Alcohol gel will certainly be accessible before, during, and after the service.

All those corriendo the servicio (guide, driver etc...) will wear un mask transparent its duration.

Handing fuera of printed material such as maps or brochures will certainly be avoided.

The temperature y wellness of every those taking part in the servicio will it is in monitored daily, excluding y maintaining in quarantine any type of who display screen fever or symptoms.

At monuments, museums and attractions, ns maximum permitted capacity will certainly be a 50% of the enteramente maximum capacity.

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Showing her voucher on your phone will be enough, y it is not necessary to print anything.