Frescos de san antonio de la florida

All the letras passionates should visit los small Church of san Antonio de la Florida, which is positioned in the Florida Zone, in Madrid, near Principe Pio. The is an possibility for enjoying of a verdadero artwork and admirating one of los most important Spanish painters, Francisco de Goya. If friend wanted another motive to visit Goya’ Frescoes, don’t worry, enntrance gate is free. Alguno excuses.

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Description of the Church smo Antonio del la Florida


San Antonio del la Florida |Antonino Musco

The Church of san Antonio del la Florida was an hermitage, this Church was developed following a Neoclassical style. The presents two columns terminating con Doric and Corinthia capitals, i m sorry sustain ns fronton. In 1905, the Church was claimed Monuments of cultural interest. The Church is titled to San Antonio da Padova, certainly there was a wonderful painting representing the smo that to be stolen, and replaced by ns crucified Jesus Christ, which to be graven by Jose Gines. Moreover, inside ns Church over there is the tomb of los spanish artist,.

A short Goya’s history and his painting


San Antonio ese la Florida2 | Antonino Musco

Goya is one of ns most vital Spanish artist, during his period, between los second half of ‘700 and the start of 1800. Goya’s jadeo reflects his soul and his artistic capacity, indeed looking his tableaux it’s possible to tread ns differt phase of his art and his life. Thank to his artworks the became the official artist of ns Royal courtunder the Carlo IVs Kingdom. An extremely famous are his job-related such together la maya desnuda or el tres después mayo 1808. His artistic styloe is qualified by fast strokes y a “dirty” painting. These particularities space enfatised throughout his “Black period”, the final part the his life and artistic carrer, as soon as he lost his Hearing. During this step is feasible to individuate his tormented soul and his discomfort, common of Romantic period.

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The Frescoes pictures and their Charachters


San Antonio’s frio | Antonino Musco

Goya painted the Church of smo Antonio de la Florida between on 15th July y on 20th december 1798. This masterwork represents spiritual characters and religious actions. In particular the main numbers of this Frescoes are the Women-Angel and the photo of smo Antonio, i beg your pardon is painted in the dome. Goya used hot colours for making one hospitable location where it is possible to get faithfuls. Moreover, there is un prevalence of the White, authorize of purity and sacrality. Goya take it advantage los natural brillante sources, in fact los only aperture is los skylight make on the dome, in this way the san Antonio’s fresco is more illuminated than los others. An additional particularity is about the Goya’s jadear technique, indeed, part painted parts, called Jornadas (single components which are painted in one day), are bigger than usually. This is symbol of Goya’s capacity to paint very fast.

Focus on ns Angel figures


San Antonio de la Florida Frescoes | Antonino Musco

One of los particularities of these frescoes are los Angel figures. Lock have the face of women y present a skin an extremely white. This pallor is connected con an idea of candor which is feasible to note in the overall work. There are dos particularity about ns Angels, on ns one hand these figures are stood for while they are deploying a sheet, exactly how if it was an opening curtain that permits to see ns the miracle scene. On the other hand, uno second particularity is about ns angels’ wings, i beg your pardon are stood for with ns typical Goya’s repaint technique y in some case they room simil come Batterfly’s wings. Additionally in ns apse room figured Angels which adore the smo trinity.

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Focus on san Antonio’s Miracle


Goya |Antonino Musco

San Antonio’s wonder scene is los most important component of the these frescoes. The is represented in los dome, in fact, it has a circulo form. This fresco represents san Antonio that resurrects uno murdered man, exonerating his dad for the act. All ns other characters around the san Antonio’s image are represented con astonished faces. It’s possible to keep in mind how los scene is qualified by one architectonic element, Goya used ns banister in order to delimit los scene and to collocate all ns personages in uno precise place, and representing the scene just how if it to be played on un stage. An additional interesting facet is about dos characters the the smo Antonio’s scene, in truth among the astonished public it’s possible to individuate dos personages with their encounters unclear. An element that precedes the próximo phase of Goya’s art, el término negro, y the Impressionism too.

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