Here’s ns little church that, desde the outside, doesn’t really entice attention. Committed to Saint antonio of Padua and built by los architect Filippo Fontana in ~ the end of ns 18th siglo at the request of converses IV, ns San Antonio después la Florida Chapel hides ns true marvel: a grandiose pictoral ensemble painted by Francisco ese Goya (1746-1828). The famous painter painted the frescoes of ns dome, apse y cornice in 1798.

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Goya’s héctor in the san Antonio ese la Florida Chapel (Madrid)

Goya’s masterpiece

It take it Goya much less than six months to finish this fresco depicting the miracle the St. Anthony. Yet here ns painter defied the usual rule of religious art. If traditionally one represents males below and the celestial mundo above, Goya did los opposite through placing ns angels on the lower part, supporting the dome where the world of males is located.

This totality little world is ns representation of the 18th-century la capital de españa society: it shows los common people also as los aristocrats y bourgeoisie. Y what identificación like ns most: some unexplained details like children trying to step over the railing or personalities who it seems to be ~ to be watching us.

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Conceived in ~ that time as uno place of trip on the outskirts of Madrid, this chapel is now a museo that civilization visit come admire the Master’s frescoes. Uno replica of los church was built throughout the street to accommodate spiritual services.

The Goya grave

The attention of the smo Antonio de la Florida Chapel is not only limited to los paintings. It also contains ns tomb of the artist, that was repatriated there in 1919, much more than ninety years after his death! Goya died in Bordeaux in 1828 after a tumour and a serious fall on ns stairs.

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Initially hidden in los Bordeaux cemetery of ns Chartreuse, Goya’s body to be exhumed in mil ochocientos noventa y nueve and moved to Madrid, an initial to los crypt of los collegiate church that Saint-Isidore, climate to a mass disgustado in the Sacramental of smo Isidro before finally resting under ns dome he had painted one hundred y twenty years earlier.