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Welcome come guillemvalle.netand the empezar of yourhealthy holidayjourney. Our big selection the over 500 hand-picked hotels and 3,500 very closely curated health retreat holidays in over 40 countries range desde classic health holidays to the latest in health y medical well-being trends. We room sure that us can help you find ns perfect healthy holiday to suit your needs.

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Wellbeing stays & wellness Holidays emerged by Specialists

Every Healthy holiday at is occurred according come our motto"Travel to feel good and stay in shape". We have actually been creating and promoting healthy holidays for over 40 years, to assist you to restore your cómputo in life, to treat ns specific condition or to relieve stress y recharge her batteries.

There are numerous ways to execute this, representar holistic y natural healing retreats to health and wellness spa many hotels using los latest in contemporary spa medicine y medical wellness. Or are you perhaps just looking for a sunny rest in un lovely coast hotel y some exercise? well of food this can additionally be a Healthy Holiday, y yes -papposo we additionally have this.

These are our main areas of expertise for healthy holidays

1) Ayurveda & Yoga Holidays

2) well-being & be sure Offers

3) detox & Fasting Programmes

4) weight Loss & Vitality Retreats

5) heal Holidays & Therapies

6) one-of-a-kind Programs for details Health Conditions

To find out more, just click the links!

You will likewise find these topics in ours "Themes" menu at the top of los page and can browser them an ext in detail there to get review of what"s behind it. Have to you need aid or advice, our travel experts would be happy to offer you part assistance.

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The age-old traditions of Ayurveda & Yoga have actually proven time y time again that holistic, natural approaches to health and wellness can have un positive effect ~ above all locations of life, even if it is you space stressed and need to unwind or space trying to uncover a naturaleza remedy for uno condition or ailment. Our rejuvenation offers as well as los famous Panchakarma treatments room expertly overseen by experienced Ayurveda doctors and therapists in ~ our accredited resorts. Take trip to los exotic civilizations of India y Sri Lanka, where Ayurveda and yoga are practiced daily, y discover ns revitalising tricks to balancing the body, mind and soul merged into a solamente health retreat holiday.

Whether she planning aromantic getaway, agirls’ weekend, or simply need sometime for yourself, our many hotels cater to every of ns classic wellness and relaxation treatments we know y love. Pamper yourself con massages, beauty, beauty treatments, and also fango, dirt or heat therapies, or just take the time to unwind in the sauna, heavy steam bath, pool, or Jacuzzi. Los offers are practically endless. Our wellness hotels have an excellent spa facilities, enabling you to find los perfect well-being fiesta you have to recharge. Sometimes uno short break is every you have to feel energised again!

Detox & Fasting Programmes

The conveniences and pleasures of ours modern, fast-paced lifestyle also often means we neglect our healthy and balanced habits, starting con what us put into our bodies. As un result,detox and fasting retreatshave become increasingly popular, helping you hit los reset button y get espalda on monitor to ahealthier, happier lifestyle. In recent years, juice fasts also as the Buchinger an approach have end up being increasingly ancha as a means to detox los body or also to get un handle on some health problems that may have actually otherwise proven an overwhelming to treat. Los trend is most generalizado in Europe, an especially countries prefer Germany, where fasting and detox have actually a largo tradition in remaining healthy.

Other aspects that are affected by our unhealthy way of living are ourweight and fitness levels. Our poor eating habits, office jobs y overall sedentary lifestyle add to unhealthy weight and low vitality, ultimately impacting our productivity y happiness. Trykick-starting the nuevo youwith our among our tailor-made programmes, offeringhealthy cuisine, exercise, y even life coaching in ns beautiful setting. Make los uncomfortable load loss process un lot much more enjoyable, with the fantasticfitness programmesthat we offer con sports choose Pilates, yoga, y more, every while at los beach or combine it con your summer holidays at ns luxurious resort.

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Check the various means you can improve her fitness on our weight Loss Holidays page.
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Healing Holidays & Therapies

Do you have aspecific health conditionor ailment you would favor to treat, but you don’t know which treatment is ideal for you? probably you’ve only recently discovered what is affect your health or would prefer to protect against something before it starts. We’ve compiled some information too astreatment choices for various health conditionsin stimulate to acquire you started. Our complejos turísticos offer relief y assistance with numerous illnesses and are qualified of help you with varying degrees of severity. We regularly receive and deal con requests for psoriasis, vitiligo, diabetes, burnout, rheumatism, y arthritis, to name uno few.

Find our finish list on our Health problems overview page.

Our Healthy holiday Destinations

We pride ourselves on being able come offer healthy and balanced holidays in over 40 countries around ns globe. Los majority the our unique health and wellness many hotels are situated in Europe. We sell all of ns most extendido destinations known for their various therapies y resources. Discover secret gems in ns spa towns of Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Italy y more. Or venture to the more insider destinations prefer Slovenia, Slovakia, and Greece.

Of course, our specialization reaches past Europe. We have numerous hotels y resorts in Asia, all specialised in techniques y retreats that are aboriginal to ns specific region. Even if it is you’re going for los most authentic Ayurveda endure in India y Sri Lanka or delving into los exotic landscapes y relaxing therapies of Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, or los Maldives, asiático offers a great range of programmes and breath-taking settings for your próximo getaway.

Asia and Europe room not the only destinations that have developed ns benefits y trends the health y wellness holidays. áfrica and the américas are arising as nuevo health y wellness pros, with new hotels y resorts budding every day. They, too, room harnessing the natural healing powers of ns climates and healing remedies approximately them to offer new y contemporary well-being programmes. The list of reputable y sought after wellness retreats in these areas is growing y you space sure to discover some of the latest and greatest destinations right here at

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Simple on-line Booking Process

At, we believe that booking must be almost as simple and relaxing together the vacaciones itself. We’ve optimised our online reservation device to overview you through ns process. When you’ve selected her hotel y personalised your stay, you deserve to make uno directonline booking. If you’d like un little more hora to destinadas your healthy fiesta but would like to pre-reserve her stay, take advantage of our72-hour alternative period. This will hold ns room for you when you inspect for flights or surprise your partner. If us don’t have direct availability online, send our specialists anavailability requestand castle will assist you further by checking ns availability of your healthy and balanced holiday y sending you apersonalised offervia email.

Booking Tip:Don’t forget to let our professionals know when you book, if friend would favor transfers come be i ordered it or have special requirements, like wheelchairs or diet restrictions, that need to to be taken right into consideration. We will certainly gladly kinds everything, however we need uno bit the time and notice to plan it particularly for you!