Modern rooms, all with big whirlpool tubsAccess come four huge free-form poolsGorgeous beach with clear water and sugary sandEight reservation-free restaurantes with part of los D.R."s best all-inclusive fareLarge kids" club in ns shape the acastleCasino on groundsNear tourist attractions the BavaroFree Wi-Fi in lobby y rooms
Huge and impersonal; component of uno 2,000-room mega-resort complexPublic areas can be ns bit grimy and full of litterLots of smokers; smoking enabled in open-air beach buffets (pro for some)Can it is in up to ns 10-minute caminar to los beach desde some roomsWi-Fi in rooms walk not constantly workSome complaints of AC not working wellLong lines because that dinnerVendors on the beach deserve to be a nuisance

The oldest of the four resorts thatmake up ns 2,000-plus-room Palladium mega-resort in Bavaro, the upscale, 537-room Palladium propina Cana is also ns most affordable, attracting anactive y party-friendly group of younger, mostly phia băc Americanadults. Every room has un big jetted tub, and the main draws are the clean white-sandbeach, access to fourfree-form pools, y eight reservation-freerestaurantswith some of los D.R."s ideal all-inclusive fare -- uno good value, if friend don"t mind ns impersonal size y lines at dinner.Those who like the variety but want un place the feels much less crowded and rowdy could look at theMelia Caribe Tropical.

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Deluxe Room

Restaurants y Bars


A party-hearty resort that's component of ns mega-resort with gastos generales 2,000 rooms; this isn't the place because that peace y quiet

This resort is just one of four complejos turísticos inside the2,000-plus-roomGrand Palladium complex, one of los largest mega-resorts in theD.R.Though it"s technically only ns 537-roomslice of the greater property, los Palladium cima Canafeels in many ways like ns heart of it all. During our visit, we discovered blot-shaped pools filled with active bro-tastic 20-somethings play volleyball, grooving to a DJ-led set, y guests forming long, longlines because that the italian restaurant y steakhouse fine before the doorsopen. (The younger crowd to be overwhelmingly americano -- you"ll see a lot that baseball tapas bearing the logotipos of Southern state schools.)Outnumbered larger couples, on los other hand, slumbered ~ above poolside loungers or grumbled toeach other around said restaurant lines.At night, the large groups spread into younger couples dolled increase for un night out, greatly at one of thelarger property"s 13 different restaurants, or the casino on thePalladium palace grounds.The mix of guests can readjust depending on los week y season, andThe grand Palladium can entice all kinds -- couples young y old, families, bachelor parties, y guests representar around the world.

Stylistically, los Palladium propina Cana favorslarge, pastel-colored structures for that is guest rooms (you could be inthe Florida Panhandle), but its lobby is ns grand, open-air to work ofvaulted wood. The cima Cana guests have accessibility to the full range the all ns Palladium amenities other than those earmarked for the exclusive imperial Suites, so it"s sort of choose staying at three of the complejos turísticos at once -- i m sorry is practically but likewise can add to uno more personal feel. Even during our visit in low season the resort was nearly completely booked. The adults-only, an ext exclusive grand Palladium royal Suites is smaller, quieter, and more expensive.


A 30-minute taxi fromPunta Cana internacional Airport, but there’s not lot to carry out outside ns resorts

The Palladium propina Cana is in the middle of un conglomerate of three adjacent Palladium properties, about un 30-minute drive from Punta Cana international Airport. It"s in los Bavaro will area, abouta five-minute journey to thepublic entrance to ns Cortecito beach.Since the PalladiumPunta Cana is flanked ~ above either página by uno sister Palladium property,guests have access to ns longer-than-usual stretch of shoreline,at least contrasted to the short stretches countless other Bavaro resortsmake perform with.

The traditional Deluxe Rooms at the Grand Palladium are on the small side, partly because of the space taken increase by the big whirlpool tubs by ns beds (these rooms space designed for couples and are no for ns modest). They have tile floors, and in most cases mustard-yellow and gray-green fabric accents on ns beds. Los one we saw had a small sliver of patiooverlooking some grass and a little of ns path. All have actually balconies y views room of ns garden, pools, or los beach. Other amenities include iPod docks, safes, coffeemakers, minibars stocked con water, soda, y beer (though some complain they"re not restocked regularly), y flat-screen satellite TVs.The bathrooms have tendency to be small, con cramped showers.Upgrading to un Junior Suite gets guests un larger bathroom y a sofa bed.

The Loft Suites are los largest and nicest accommodation. They have a duplex layout with the bedroom maximum floor -- though ns loft-style setup doesn"t carry out much privacy between bedroom y living room.

Despite renovations, rooms are mirroring some wear, and there space occasional maintenance concerns such together AC that doesn"t work-related well and broken mini-fridges.

Grand Palladium has 4 large, cleanpools, dos of which room on the punta Cana property y all of which feature swim-up bars and shallow kids" sections.

The fitness center is bright, spacious, and atmósfera conditioned, unequal at many Caribbean resorts.Punta Cana"s substantial sports center includes sixtennis courts, asoccer field, anarcheryand fusil shooting range, abadminton court, abasketball court, and amini-golf course.Thespais large, airy, y super relaxing. Several of its best normal features encompass its very own private pool, hot tubs, vapor room, and sauna, but access requires a fee (except for royal Suites guests).

A medium-sizecasinois located on thePalace"sproperty con slot machines as well as Texas hold"em, blackjack, y roulette tables. It’s packed by once p.m. Yet pretty dead during ns day. There room is likewise live theatre entertainment every evening.

There"s complimentary Wi-Fi in ns lobbies and rooms, but los signal is weak y many guest report los signal doesn"t occupational in ns rooms at all (it may depend on whereby your room is located).

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Very kid-friendly, with uno free kids' club y even un separate sociedad for tweens and teenagers con Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation 3 video game systems.

The will is ancha among everyone desde young, honeymooning couples come retirees, however families are particularly drawn to grand Palladium resorts. Household features space shared amongst thePalace,Bavaro, and Punta Cana resorts, y ashuttle bus-- which looks like ns cute, old-time train -- connect all los properties.

For sleeping arrangements, los Deluxe Rooms fit only three, but ns spacious small Suites come with sofa beds and can accommodate up to 4 people.

The huge, exceptional kids" sociedad is on los premises here. It comes in the form of un faux castle, with un large outdoor jugar area (complete with trampoline) and an indoor theater. There"s un kiddy pool with uno small pirate-ship water park play area.Teens walk to theBlack and White Junior sociedad for ages trece to 19, located on one more Palladium hotel"s grounds.The vídeo games are a big attract at ns club, and teenagers borrow videolapes games from the decent-size arsenal (mostly because that Xbox 360), hit ns pool or foosball tables, or gather for grupo outings. Panasonic flat-screens, hooked approximately Xbox 360s, playstation 3s, and Nintendo Wiis, sit behind black y white vinyl armchairs. Un separate computadora room functions seven consoles with free net connections. The activities team plans ns full day of occasions like archery y group dinners, but the video gamings are the true magnet.

There is never any type of shortage the kid-friendly foods. Having lunch buffets frequently include ns grill con burgers y hot dogs, one abundant pan de molde of French fries, y meat and cheese pizzas. High chairs are obtainable at every restaurant.

All-Inclusive / Food

The 13 restaurants servesome of ns D.R.'s best all-inclusive come (meaning that it's good, not amazing).

Guests of the propina Cana have accessibility to 13 restaurants, including five buffets, across tres of los four cool Palladium properties. Ns eight ns la cartes market ample variety -- Mexican, tapas, Japanese, Brazilian, Italian, Mediterranean, pan-Asian, y surf y turf -- y the food at ns Grand Palladium is generally much better than at most Dominican all-inclusives. Some would certainly argue it"s much better than at the very generalizado Iberostar resorts.) ns a la carte restaurantes do cuales require reservations, so guests don"t have actually to line up at nueve a.m. To do them as they do at plenty of other D.R. Complejos turísticos -- however they do frequently need to line up before dinner seating come ensure a spot.

There are catorce bars around los resort, and cocktails generally have generic-brand booze.

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