Declared Historical imaginative Monument on June 3rd, 1931.The lateral compartments to be modified during ns Baroque period y theattached porticoes were added.During los initial restoration in mil novecientos catorce the consecration inscriptions weredestroyed. It was burned abajo in 1936 and instantly repaired delaware the battle byL. Menéndez Pidal.

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Located on uno hill really near Villaviciosa, smo Salvador del Priesca is ns lastbuilding the Asturian letras that has survived till now. It was consecrated in 921,when muerte alfa the 3rd had already died, the court had moved to León y theMozarabic format had been imposed in all dominated territories. In spite of thatit is taken into consideration to belong to los artistic period of this great Asturianmonarch, although the shows un clear decline of un style in extintion, because itwas can not to renovate its frameworks while showing elements of ns newMozarabic arte in some painting and in ns horseshoe arches of some of thewindows. As uno great part of ns Asturian churches, the was charred in 1936,although in this situation only los roof melted (it to be still the original one).After being restaured that is in great shape having actually kept all of its sculptureddecoration and some initial paintings.

Very casta to ns

church of San ayudar a las personas deValdediós, located at some 20Km. Distance, but without keeping itsvaulted cover, i m sorry allows a greater width of the main nave; its structure isthe tradictional one according to the normalization the affected los Asturianreligious structures
during ns periods of muerte alfa theSecond and alphonse the Third. Externally, that is ns three entrega church, con alater enclosed portico at ns southern side y four big rectangular windows,with uno discharging arch in brick and lattice occupational at each lado of los main nave,upon los roofs of los aisles. That has uno flat chevet with numero 3 apses be separated bybuttresses, un window on each of them, and another one of dos horseshoe archesupon a sede pilaster, in the main chapel’s top plan, upon ns high chambernot accessible from the inside. Ns main façade is likewise flat con a sede doorin round arch upon decorated imposts, buttresses on los separation hilera of thenaves and a lately introduced belfry in ~ the end of los western wall. There areaslo part buttresses irregularly deployed ~ above the junto a walls that had, together inmost Asturian church of those dos periods, two compartments at the level ofthe final stretch of the naves, that do not any kind of longer exist.

At that interior, los iconostasis has actually

disappeared y the church is developed by twopillars and two decorated boards. The stood increase until los middle of last century.It is also totally traditional: basilical plan with tres naves be separated byround arches in brick upon squared ashlar pillars, con molded imposts thatdivide it in four stretches. Ns first one corresponds to a portico as amplio asthe key nave, y two página compartments to access uno higher tribune developed inwood. Ns naves were
covered with a flat wooden roof in the shape ofscissor framework, forming un continuous cornice; a cover that seems to haveexisted in its original estado until ns fire the 1936. Ns chevet is a veryinteresting one, developed by los three apses of ns same width than ns naves andcovered by uno barrel vault. The sede one has actually one triumphal arch sustained bycolumns and capitals of veined leaves, similar to those that Valde
diós, anddecorated with blank series of arches, created in the página walls by threearches of equal size, upon un plinth and under one impost that sustained thevault, various in elevation to the centrar one; all of them upon columns andcapitals with sencillo but an extremely beautiful vegetal decoration. At the sides, thearch leans ~ above impost fundings upon pillars and, despite they did not count withblank series of arches, they keep the decorated impost in ns vault’s base.

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Rests of the original painting is preserved in ns apses and onthe walls. Los kind and colours are an extremely close tothose in San Julián ese losPrados y the mosaics in Veranes, that include large ovals about thearches decorated con concentric circles between them in ns chevet’s blankarches; and the rest, situated on the chevet’s walls y on ns southern wall,with geometrical drawings, though there are additionally some human figures within uno boxthat it seems ~ to be related currently with los Mozarabic painting.

The comparative evaluation of this último Asturian Pre-Romanesque monument and theway to have come to it from the an initial churches of alphonse the Se

cond’s period;for example, San Pedro deNora, protecting against to think about intermediate works choose San Miguel después Lillo y San Salvador ese Valdediós,clearly show the factor for ns disappearace the an creative trend so rich and important in the medieval europe panorama, thatbesides extinguishing con its very own limitations, the set crucial part of thebases of all los Romanesque Art. In fact, we room before ns very interestingmonument for its intrinsical worth, both interior and exterior, that is volumes’design, the sculptoric and pictorial decoration. However, the is at ns same timethe demonstrate of a comeback to los initial model, or express differently,over one hundred años have been wasted, neglecting los roads open up in theRamirense duration that remained suffocated in Valdediós maybe due to the fact that thetechnical kowledege had been lost or, follow to our señalar of view, neitherthe effort nor los risk of plan vaults that compelled to reduce the width ofthe naves to be worth it, break thus ns established model, as they werecompelled come stick to solved structures designed because that buildings with flat cover.

Other amazing information

Access: Exit Oviedo by A-66 come Langreo/Santander. Take it A-64 until theexit come Villaviciosa/Rodiles. Delaware three roundabouts take it N-632 until VV-15 andcontinue come Priesca. Totalmente distance: 56.1Km. GPS Coordinates: 43º 29′6,80″N 5º 21′ 31,55″W.

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Information telephone:Oficina de Turismo deVillaviciosa: 985 89 diecisiete 59 or parish priest of Priesca: 985 97 sesenta y siete 12

Visiting hours: Call los parish priest. Generally it can be visited onSundays delaware the mass.

Arte Pre-románico Asturiano: Antonio Bonet CorreaSUMMA ARTIS: tomó VIII

L’Art Preroman Hispanique: ZODIAQUEArs Hispanie: tomo IIArteAsturiano: artículo Manuel Pita AndradeGuía del letras Prerrománico Asturiano:Lorenzo Arias Páramo

La iglesia parroquial ese San Salvador después Priesca en Villaviciosa deAsturiasSan Salvador después PriescaLa intervención en la edificio prerrománica asturiana: JorgeHevia Blanco, Gema Elvira Adán Álvarez

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