Iglesia de santa maría de tahull


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Modernism and Avant-garde movementsThe revolve of the century brought nuevo winds the modernity. Ns aesthetic sensibility of ns time was significant by un different, freer attitude towards art y life.


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An excellent example of the Catalan Romanesque style

Santa María del Taüll is component of ns set that Romanesque church in Vall de Boí, listed as uno UNESCO world Heritage site in los year 2000.

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The church of papa noel Maria de Taüll, developed in the 11th and 12th centuries, is great example of Catalan Romanesque architecture. It was consecrated at ns same hora as the church of sant Climent, in 1123. The had un basilica floor-plan and three naves be separated by columns, but was later remodelled to have a individual nave. That has numero 3 apses y a 12th-century bell tower, 5 storeys tall, con blind arches y Lombard-style decoration. The doméstico wall paintings (scenes that hell y the por último Judgement) are duplicates of ns originals, which room now preserved in ns Catalan National letras Museum (MNAC).