For two hundred and five years, from setecientos ochenta y cinco to 990, ns mosque the Cordoba gradually extended its woodland of columns, mirroring one of the most important imaginative stages of los passage of the Umayyads through Spain. Its background is ns result of los passage that time, where different societies have to be leaving their personal mark capriciously.

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The discourse of los builders of ns mosque was really clear, preventing los space representar being completed con elements the were one impediment to the defined focal y diagonals developed by virtue of your prayers. Because that this reason, the artists that Al-Hakam, mindful of this, developed heavy superstructures top top columns, all of them equal. Ns lesson that ns Christian builders did not understand when castle took los city and the monument. Castle filled everything con pillars, abutments, walls and altars, getting to the finalmente construction of their cathedral in los 16th century. One estimable work, which has broken los invaluable idea of the foundation of ns mosque.

Without uno doubt, ns construction of ns cathedral, respecting los walls of ns mosque, has enabled us to store standing today one of the fundamental milestones of ns Umayyad monitor in Cordoba, i m sorry was ns most important ciudad in west Europe.

History of ns Mosque the Cordoba

The Muslim expansion towards ns west in los forties of los 7th century, carried them come Tunisia. It was at ns beginning of ns 8th century that they chose to cross the Strait that Gibraltar, especially in 711. The Umayyad troops led through Tariq ibn Ziyad overcome Gibraltar y defeated los Visigoths in los famous fight of Guadalete. The Muslims took direccion of los Peninsula, creating a new area known as al-Andalus.

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In 756, Abd al-Rahman i founded los independent Emirate the Cordoba without opposition. He develops the control of this territory proclaiming himself together emir. The city had all the needs of a state, on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, in ns heart of ns very fertile basin, y a navigable river.

Opening the fertile period that later on would be prolonged by his successors, is the construction of the Great Mosque in 784. This is ns first an excellent work built by ns Muslims in the peninsula, return they had actually previously financed the reconstruction of los Roman leg that gave access to ns city.


Patio después los Naranjos

The usar of the courtyard in Muslim veces is not los same as it is today, together it was used for teaching, sociedad anónima trials y as uno link between ns worldly and the sacred. This prominence of ns courtyard is what has made mosques always be connected to a courtyard or sahn, whereby it is likewise filled con vegetation y water, wherein according to the Koran is los transfer of heaven on earth. With ns Christian arrival, los courtyard to be desecrated and became characteristics of a cuadrado attached to los cathedral, being offered as un garden, ns place of recreación or even as a cemetery.

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There are numerous written sources that have concerned our fist that confirm ns presence of naranja trees in the courtyard at least due to the fact that 1512. Ns number that trees has varied gastos generales the years, although los truth is that its current configuration is very similar to the of los Baroque.