La Catedral De Santiago De Compostela

The goal of the streams the pilgrims the arrive in Santiago después Compostela is the Plaza después España, or Plaza de Obradoiro – which means the cuadrado of goldwork. Stately buildings surround ns Plaza, including los superb façade of los Santiago del Compostela Cathedral: one of the most beautiful churches on the Iberian peninsula, y the fin of El la carretera de Santiago.

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A visit to the cathedral is a must for anyone in Santiago después Compostela. This is one of ns top tres centers because that catholic pilgrims in los world.Is uno guided tour ns must? no really yet we think it is an excellent option come make los most fuera of your time at ns Cathedral. Ns following tour is uno great alternative to enjoy ns Cathedral. Great reviews and real worth for money!

Excavations have proved that Alfonso II, the Chaste, had uno church constructed here. Alfonso III, los great, built a basilica on los same site on 899. But in novecientos noventa y siete the Moors, led through Almanzor, destroyed los basilica. Reconstruction began in 1078, ns choir and transept were completed in mil ciento doce and ns whole building was consecrated in 1211. In los following centuries, a number that extensions y alterations to be undertaken: ns chapels, ns clock tower (1325), los dome (1448), ns cloister y finally ns baroque façade.

3d destinadas Santiago Cathedral


Outside Santiago Cathedral

Western façade, Obradoiro

This splendid façade, likewise called Obradoiro, was built in 1738-50 by the architect Fernando hogar y Novoa along with ns monumental altarpiece, and is the most famous baroque façade in Spain.

The bell tower, Torre del las campañas (on ns right) is partly representar the 11 century; it was reworked desde 1448-1675 and completed in 1725. The Torre ese la Carraca (on los left) has ns rattle, with which los faithful are referred to as to prayer y dates representar the 17C.

The tympanum with ns Adoration of los Magi is 14C; los wooden doors leading to los Pórtico del la fama are desde 1610. Portico ese la Gloria: los portico, in fact ns Romanesque façade of ns church, is now screened (and also protected) by the baroque-Churrigueresque west front.

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Maestro Mateo as understand of los works was commissioned with the building in mil ciento sesenta y ocho when he created los three doorways which command into los nave. Los carving on los three entrance is among los finest of the entire Spanish Romanesque.

A clustered shaft in ns middle of los main doorway bears los tympanum. In prior of this column y enthroned upon his own shaft (lavishly sculpted with ns Tree that Jesse, ns Virgin Mary and the holy Trinity in the capital) is St.James ns Great, the church’s patron.

The tympanum has actually Christ in Glory together Saviour of los World; the is surrounded by four angels with los symbols of los Evangelists, two angels wafting incense y eight angels carrying the symbols of ns Passion in their hands. Ns angels are framed by 40 heavenly hosts and the righteous, those redeemed by Christ. In the archivolts, playing instruments, space the veinticuatro Elders of los Apocalypse. Los pillars on ns left and right space surrounded through richly carved columns, upon which stand los Prophets and Apostles representar the Old y New Testaments.

Southern façade y Portico de las Platerías

The cathedral’s earliest façade can be seen representar the Plaza del las Platerías (Gold- y Sil- versmiths’ Square) con its equine fountain y 18C vuelo of steps. On the left is ns Eastern fin of ns plateresque cloister, and in ns middle los splendid southern façade. To the right of ns portal on the Southeast edge of ns cathedral is ns massive clock tower, began as early on as 1316 and constructed in the present form 1676-80. Ns tympanum (on the right) shows scenes representar the life the Christ, Flagellation and Crowning with Thorns, with the Adoration of los Magi in between. The left tympanum (W.) shows los Temptation that Christ y the mrs taken in Adultery.

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Plaza ese la Quintana:

Eastern y Northern façades: the Plaza del la Quintana is one of ns most impressive squares in the world. That offers a view of the clock tower, ns Royal Portico and the Puerta Santa, the Holy Door (also called the Door the Pardon), i beg your pardon is just opened in jubilee years.