La Tancada Delta De L Ebre

La Tancada is one of ns most exceptional lagoons in ns Delta. La Tancada lagoon, of 250 hectares the land, is really important because it has actually an exceptional naturalmente environment and a well-off fauna y vegetation.

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Localitation: La Tancada


La Tancada lagoon is los perfect natural space for bird watching. The is los lagoon with los highest thickness of flamingos in the entire Delta.

In this lagoon we likewise can observe a great range of birds, such as gulls, different types of ducks, naval crows…

There are tres important approaches in los lagoon:


If you choose cycling, one of los best possible activities is to perform an itinerary course through La Tancada Lagoon and its surroundings.

During ns route, you have the right to observe some distinctive points that interest in los Delta. Among others, you can discover some old huts.

<It is encourage to take a hat, mosquito repellent y water for hydration.>


In los surroundings of ns Lagoon, we can uncover different natural environments, together as: ns fields of Salobral, situated in the Lagoon; the beach that Eucalyptus and the viejo salt mines of sant Antoni, located at the del sur of ns Observatory the La Tancada.

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In los north-east of los lagoon, us can additionally find some fields wherein you can see bulls.

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