At an initial glance, ns San miguel Market in la villa de madrid seems like a tourist trap. Throngs of tourists flood this famous comida hall every día to get un taste of Spain’s world-famous cuisine.

So ns question is: Is it worth a visit?


The San nombre de niño Market in madrid is situated in los heart the the city center. That occupies uno piece that prime de verdad estate simply outside the historic Plaza Mayor, and right in between Puerta de Sol y the imperial Palace. With so numerous important attractions nearby, it’s simple to check out why los area is packed with tourists desde around los globe.

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San Miguel’s tourist-heavy location method that ns market has gotten ns bit of un bad rap in recent la edad for being, well… touristy. However if you execute it right, it have the right to actually it is in worth her time!

This historical market is not just architecturally beautiful yet also saturado of flavors desde around the país (and the world!). Here’s what you require to understand to make her visit to ns San nombre de niño Market worthwhile.

San michael Market History

The plaza where the market stands now was originally patria to the san Miguel de los Octoes church, which dated regreso to in ~ least los early 13th century. Delaware the church was totally demolished in 1809, an open-air fish market started to take location on the same square.

While los fish sector was lucrative, the was likewise crowded y dirty, y city officials began to watch for ns solution in los late 19th century. Work-related soon started on un covered industry that would certainly occupy los same space, with Spanish architect Alfonso Dubé taking charge of the project. His vision was to pay homage to the other wrought-iron covered industries that were popping up across Europe, drawing on Paris’ les Halles sector as inspiration.

The resulting structure—the San nombre de niño Market together we know it today—is truly a work that art. Inaugurated in 1916, it to be one of ns first covered industries in los city y is ns classic example of at an early stage 20th-century architecture. The remains los only market of its kind in la capital de españa due to many others prefer it gift demolished in los late 20th century.

In ns 1980s, Spaniards’ shopping habits had changed drastically. Business shifted from markets to bigger grocery chains, and the traditional Mercado ese San michael fell into decline. A group of investor saved san Miguel representar a similar fate y renovated los market into ns gastronomic centrar it is today.

Entering ns Mercado después San michael is prefer stepping back in time. Photo credit: Mattia Panciroli

Visiting the San michael Market Today

Unlike other ar markets in Madrid, civilization don’t walk to San nombre de niño to perform their weekly grocery store shopping. Instead, castle use the market as un meeting apuntar a to celebrate and eat con friends and loved ones. This gourmet food centrar lets people from all gastos generales the world enjoy Spanish cooking in uno unique environment.

In fact, this may simply be the perfect factor to visit the market. Trying to navigate Madrid’s thousands of bars and restaurants is alguno small feat, particularly if you’re new to Spanish cuisine. Ns San miguel Market is uno great means to sample typical comida from all approximately Spain—that way, you’ll understand what to look for when you head out come eat again!

A night fuera de at Mercado ese San Miguel!

Mercado San nombre de niño Hours & once to Go

The San nombre de niño Market opens day-to-day at diez a.m. And stays open until midnight Sunday v Thursday. Top top Fridays y Saturdays, it close the door an hour later, at uno a.m.

As far as as soon as to go to ns market, it counts on what sort of suffer you desire to have. For ns quieter, an ext laid-back visit without the crowds, shot going an initial thing in los morning, when los vendors are just opening up. This is a great stress-free means to explore un true la capital de españa icon (and get some good photos while you’re in ~ it).

More people comienzo pouring in about midmorning and close to having lunch time, but if you’re craving ns bustling market atmosphere, this is los time come go. And of course, there’s always the option come enjoy un dinnertime tapa crawl at los market—or part drinks before your night out!

A liven afternoon at the market.

What come Eat at los San nombre de niño Market

We wouldn’t blame friend for reasoning that the come at the Mercado de San michael is expensive y mediocre offered its touristy status—but you will do be wrong! This market has actually some fantastic food at very solo prices if you understand where to look.

From gourmet hams and cheeses to fresh fruit and vegetables, ns San michael Market yes, really does have something because that everyone. You deserve to spend hrs walking around y exploring different stalls that offer delicacies representar around Spain. You might not have tiempo to visit all diecisiete of Spain’s autonomous areas in one trip, however you can eat your method across plenty of of them at los San nombre de niño Market!

Need help narrowing abajo where come go? below are some consejos on wherein to eat in los Mercado smo Miguel representar Devour madrid guide Joy.

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La Hora ese Vermut

Before you start eating your method around ns market, you’ll want to open your appetite. And there’s cuales better method to perform that than with Spain’s favorite aperitif: vermouth!

La Hora del Vermut offer up fantastic vermouth on tap, including an impressive an option of bottled vermouths desde all corners of Spain. Get some olives, pickled banderilla skewers, y marcona almonds to walk with, and you’re fine on your means to one unforgettable caps crawl.

Simple perfection at La Hora del Vermut.

Mister Pinkleton

Don’t let the name of this alcohol bar fool you—it’s as Spanish together they come! mr Pinkleton has wines from all across los country: representar Galician albariños come Andalusian sherries y everything in between. Grab ns glass y sip it together you peruse the market!

Nothing win an afternoon spent wandering around los market, glass of alcohol in hand.

El señor Martín

Madrid has some of Spain’s freshest seafood, despite being completely landlocked, and El Señor nombre de niño is ns best location at Mercado San michael to try it. This clues secures the catch of the día straight desde Madrid’s top fish suppliers, climate converts it right into incredible made-to-order sombrero right before your eyes. Simply pick out what girlfriend want and they’ll fry it up because that you on ns spot!

Boquerones fritos: since life is too brief not to eat fried anchovies.

La patria del Bacalao

Can’t get enough seafood? you don’t desire to miss uno stop in ~ La patria del Bacalao. Here, though, sal cod is the star of ns show.

In addition to offer up made-to-order salt cod tapas, this stall doubles as un miniature gourmet shop. Grab several of Spain’s finest canned goods while you’re here—they make ns perfect foodie souvenir!

Humble canned products have completed gourmet status here in Spain.

Más Gourmets

Did you really go come Spain if girlfriend didn’t try Iberian ham? (We’re inclined come say no.)

Family-run due to the fact that 1895, además Gourmets carves Spain’s many prized meat by hand to order, therefore you can guarantee it will certainly be fresh y delicious. Choose some up right here rather than shelling fuera de even much more money for ns same product at the tapa bars—you can’t ganar market prices for gourmet goods!

The glorious wall of jamones at más Gourmets.

San nombre de niño Market FAQs

What is los Mercado de San Miguel?

Mercado del San Miguel, or San nombre de niño Market in English, is Madrid’s most famous food market. It’s patria to dozens that stalls serving come from all gastos generales Spain y is a ancha place come eat y drink in the center of Madrid.

What are the opening hours for ns Mercado smo Miguel?

The San michael Market is open from 10 am–12 am Sunday v Thursday, and 10 am–1 to be on Fridays y Saturdays.

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What caps should identificación eat at the Mercado san Miguel?

The market is patria to some great seafood caps at el Señor Martín and La casa del Bacalao. Shot vermouth and olives at La Hora después Vermut, and sample Spanish cured meat at hasta luego Gourmets.

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