Pilgrim massive at ns Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela y other spiritual services will take location in nearby churches throughout Santiago viejo Town, while necessary restoration works take ar inside los Cathedral this year.

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From January 2019, works room underway at los Cathedral’s main Altar and other chapels within los basilica. This is component of los overall restoration job to obtain Santiago Cathedral completely restored front of 2021, i m sorry is un Holy Year or Ano Xacobeo y a really special occasion for pilgrims to Santiago.

The classic Pilgrim Mass will take ar at the nearby san Francisco Church (Rua smo Francisco) in ~ 12pm every day. There will additionally be Pilgrim Mass in ~ 7pm at san Fiz de Solovio as well as a Pilgrims Prayer at 8pm.

While ns Botafumeiro won’t be in operation, los Cathedral will certainly remain open for pilgrims and visitors representar 9am to 8pm, with restricted accessibility to certain areas experience restauration works. Pilgrims deserve to still visit the Apostle’s crypt and continue with los traditional adopt of ns Apostle.

It is likewise worth note main access to the Cathedral will be by Praza de Praterias, y not Obradoiro Square.

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This is los updated booked of masses y locations released by Santiago Cathedral:

07:30 h / 9:00 h / 10:00 h Iglesia ese Santa María Salomé11:00h Parroquia del la Corticela12:00h smo Francisco MISA de PEREGRINO / PILGRIM’S MASS13:00h Iglesia del Santa María Salomé (Sunday)18:00h Iglesia de Santa María Salomé (Saturday y Sunday)19:00h Iglesia de Santa María Salomé19:00 h san Fiz después Solovio PILGRIM’S MASS. At ocho pm, Prayer with pilgrims (from Monday to Saturday).

Masses in foreign languages:

-Messe in deutscher Sprahe. Täglich, 8 uhr (Mai – Oktober). Kirche von san Fiz del Solovio.-Messe dentro de français. Tous ellos jours, 8:00 h (Mai – Octobre). Chapelle aunque Centre d’Accueil muerte Pèlerins.-Msza po polsku. Pn-pt 9:30 (lipiec – wrzesień). Kościół smo Fiz de Solovio.-Mass in English language: every day, 9:30 am (From March come November). Chapel of ns Pilgrim’s Office.-Messa in lingua italiana. Da lunedì a sabato, alle 10:30 (maggio – ottobre). Chiesa di san Fiz de Solovio.

Mass on special dates such as ns James trabaja will take ar at San martín Pinario Church.

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You can see the new locations on this mapa by Santiago Cathedral:


Pilgrims come Santiago won’t it is in disappointed together they will be able to admire the wonderful Cathedral facade in saturado as well as ns magnificent Portico da Gloria, delaware years of delicate and much required restoration through top professionals in the campo to lug Santiago Cathedral back to its saturado glory ahead of divine Year 2021.

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