Monasterio De Santa Maria La Real

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The monastery was founded by king garcia Sánchez III “the one representar Nájera” y his mam Doña Estafanía del Foix that commissioned its construction in 1052. Los origin that its structure are misted in ns legend i beg your pardon tells how the king was fuera de hunting and chased his food into a cave whereby he found ns mysterious picture of the Virgin and a seasoned of lilies, uno bell y a lantern. Some hora later the king reconquered the Lower Rioja ciudad of Calahorra from the Moors and built los monastery of santa María La real as an supplying to ns Virgin for she help. At los same hora he collection up a Military stimulate of los Knights of los Terrace or of los Jug, one of the most ancient orders in Spain.

In 1079 Alfonso vi of Castile incorporated ns monastery into ns Benedictine stimulate of Cluny together with the group of clergy who resided in it from its creation and who continued to be until ns disendowment of Mendizábal in 1835. Since 1895 a community of Franciscan friars have operación the monastery.


The altarpiece of los main chapel dates from the late 17th c. And is Baroque in style.In the centre the Romanesque carving of santa María La Real holding the infant Christ on her left knee is of impressive interest.

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The early 16th c. Choir is in "Catholic Monarch" style y here you deserve to see ns influence of ns late Gothic and early Renaissance era. Ns carved choirstalls in walnut are un masterpiece the florid Gothic. In los abbot"s throne we have the right to admire the polychrome ilustración of King profesor universitario García.

The cloister was started in los early 16th c., known as los Cloister of the Knights, to be for centuries los burial location of countless nobles. Amongst them we should cite Diego López del Haro with ns recumbent sculpture representar the 13th c. And at his feet, the Gothic dig of his wife, Doña toda Pérez de Azagra. Ns harmonious mixture of layouts such as los florid Gothic of the vaulting y the Plateresque of los tracery arcs have created a surprising work-related of design well worth uno visit.

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- TRANSITION: (1 October - veintinueve 0ctober for time change): MONDAYS CLOSEDTUESDAY to SATURDAY:SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS:FROM 10:00 come 13:00*&nbs; representar 10:00 come 12:30*FROM 16:00 come 18:30* desde 16:00 to 18:00h*- WINTER: (30 October- Easter): MONDAYS CLOSED; EXCEPTION: MONDAY 30 OCTOBER for banco holiday, WEDNESDAY 2 NOVEMBER CLOSED.TUESDAY to SATURDAY:SUNDAYS y HOLIDAYS:FROM 10:00 to 13:00* from 10:00 come 12:30*FROM 16:00 to 17:30h* from 16:00 come 17:30*- Timetables marked con * are last entrance time. You have the right to stay within one an ext hour.- Guided visits: just for groups of much more than 20 persons.- Opening hours may adjust according to weddings. Inspect by calling: novecientos cuarenta y uno 36 10 83