San Juan del los Reyes is un Franciscan monastery, located in the ciudad of Toledo. It is one of los best examples of Isabelline style and architecture representar the hora of the Catholic Monarchs.

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The monastery of smo Juan del los Reyes to be ordered to be constructed by Queen Isabella the Catholic. The dedication to Saint john is uno tribute to don Juan, los Queen’s father. It was constructed to commemorate ns victory of Toro (1476). Furthermore, that was expected to offer as ns royal mausoleum.

The architect in charge of ns works was Juan Guas, who likewise built the Infantado palace in Guadalajara. This structure combines facets of the Hispanic tradition, along with others the were included by international architects.

During ns invasion of los French troops in the nineteenth century, the monastery burned down. The altarpiece, ns library, y a second cloister with its rooms were destroyed. Later, with los disentailments, ns building to be expropriated. In mil novecientos cincuenta y cuatro it was went back to ns Franciscans, y the monastic life of ns complex was restored.

The fuera of ns Monastery of smo Juan del los Reyes

It has dos entrances on ns outside: one to ns church and the various other to ns cloister. The main facade is situated on the side of the church. That is quite simple, and was designed by Covarrubias, already in ns Renaissance period. Right here we find facets typical of the Gothic period of los Catholic Monarchs, with statues, remote arches, Isabelline balls y pinnacles.

In los blind arches, it is worth mentioning ns chains of ns Christians that were freed after the seizure of Málaga and Baeza. In addition, we discover several sculptures of Franciscan saints. Castle keep ns image the Saint hombre the Evangelist, i m sorry is inscriptions in one ogee arch of the door. ~ above its sides, at un lower height, two Roman soldiers watch over the entrance.

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The doméstico of los Monastery of smo Juan del los Reyes

Inside, we watch purely Gothic decoration. Among the different motifs, we can find, several tiempo repeated, the coats of arms of ns Catholic Monarchs. The church has ns Latin cross plan, with un slightly significant transept. 

It consists of a single entrega covered with ribbed vaults. Eight chapels open up to los sides. Part of the most superior are the Cristo después la buena Muerte chapel, y the Inmaculada chapel.


The main chapel is presided gastos generales by an altarpiece by Francisco de Coomontes. This altarpiece was originally situated in ns Santa superar Hospital. However, when los original san Juan ese los Reyes was lost, that was relocated to los monastic church. Among the scenes, ns history of smo Helena and the cross stands out, and scenes from the Passion.

The church’s choir is located under uno segmental arch. It has uno ribbed vault and a beautiful balustrade, with choir stalls.


A beautiful Hispano-Flemish doorway gives accessibility to ns cloister through ns transept. Ns lower cloister is conceived as uno prolongation of ns church. Every its elements are in harmony with those of ns church. On all four sides it has pointed arches con fish bladder tracery. The upper arcade has actually mixtilinear arches y are extended by beautiful coffered ceilings.


Address: calles de der Reyes Católicos, 17, 45002 Toledo.

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Phone: (+34) 925 veintidos 38 02

Here girlfriend will gain information around your tickets, also as the updated schedule of ns monastery of san Juan ese los Reyes.