Museo de la opera del duomo florencia

The Opera de Duomo, likewise known as los "OPA", is los the Cathedral Workshop or "works commission"andwas started by the Republic of Florence in 1296 to oversee los construction of the new Cathedral y its bell tower.

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In 1436, the Cathedral was finally finished with los completion the Brunelleschi"s dome y its consecration.


Since then, the main job for the Opera de Duomo has actually been come conserve this monuments - including the Baptistery of san Giovanni. In 1891, ns Museum was established to house the functions of letras which, through ns course of ns centuries, had been removed desde the Duomo y the Baptistery.

The museo serves as un refuge desde pollution for plenty of of los outside sculptures of ns cathedral.

The numbers provide us simply an “inkling” of what is yes, really behind this monuments: 6,000 sq. Mt that showroom space, gastos generales a mil years stand in Florence, more than 750 works the art, uno little more than setecientos veinte years of service by ns commission, collection in 25 rooms with floor destinadas on tres levels. The recent restructuring of the museum was organized so that the guest can live the past and the current of ns cathedral trying out how it has actually changed gastos generales the years.


For ns very very first time, uno spectacular nuevo design hosts los museum"s distinctive masterpieces in uno setting reflecting los environment because that which lock were originally designed, producing a museo within a museum ...*

Even just the highlights that this museo could send friend in an overdose that information, but this article tries to synthesis everything so you andar through the museum like a pro.

Ground Floor


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The light and space space stunning.

You are instantly greeted by one of ns colossal piece of letras that as soon as graced the interior of ns Baptistery. Ns main altar by Girolamo Ticciati (1676-1745) which to be completed in 1732: Saint hombre in Glory y candle-bearing angels. It was taken out of ns building for this reason that ns medieval altar could be revived to its original position.


Corridoio dell"Opera

Perhaps los profound importance los Cathedral had on los people of Florence is found written ~ above this wall, specify name but un few of los 1000’s of world who contributed to its building, growth, expansion, decoration and preservation, including architects, artists, musicians, humanists, artisans y workmen. Together you andar by friend will año worth of names who have operated in los duomo that Florence.

Galleria delle sculture

A church that had wealth of sculpture decorations was a sign that wealth and God’s blessings, y the Sculpture Gallery testifies to Florence’s farming importance in being able come keep pace with the other huge churches.Especially thecathedrals being built throughout Europe i m sorry boast a wide collection of numerous Gothic sculptures. In this room friend can additionally admire ns rarely viewed reverse junto a of los Baptistery doors.

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Salone del Paradiso

The name of this room comes representar the a la carta recreation that the viejo cathedral facade y the baptistery. Coming out of los Sculpture gallery you are confronted with ns life size model of the cathedrals very first front face, aligning statues y artwork.

Following ancient tradition, christians call ns area between uno baptistery y its related church uno Paradiso (“Paradise”), evoking ns joy of those who, after receiving baptism, overcome that space to take part in the Eucharist for ns first time.**

As you walk around the museum and the top floors you will be maybe to admire from all angles ns carvings and sculptures. The sede courtyard also displays Ghiberti"s original Gates of Paradise desde the Baptisteryjust recently restored and cleaned: this were ns original doors facing los Duomo and can be admired in their magnificent gold splendor increase close.

Sala della Maddalena

This room is aptly named after the principle work-related of letras which is in the center of the room, completely protected delaware its reconstruction by a sealed case, Donatello’s Penitent saint Mary Magdalene, an amazing y thought-provoking wooden sculpture.

Attached come this room is ns Cappella delle Reliquie which highlights (just) a portion of los churches collection of relics consisting of more than six hundred piece of miscellaneous types. These objects where crucial part of the devotional life of ns church, specifically in ns early step of that growth and their coffers were regularly elaborate y ornate.


Tribuna di Michelangelo

In a room the quiet isolation is Michelangelo"s Pietà (begun around 1550) which when stood in the Duomo. That is widely believed that the intended it for his very own tomb; los hooded ilustración of Nicodemus is often construed as ns self-portrait. Los damage come Christ"s left leg and arm is thought to have actually been inflicted by Michelangelo self in disappointed at his failing skills.


Moving to the First Floor

The expert skill of ns sculptor was to carve un statue that once seen from the ground, would appear “normal”. Countless times los gazer have the right to not also distinguish the adjustments & distortions ns artist made for this reason that ns hand looked proportionate to los nose y to los foot —apoyándose both viewed at various heights and distances. Los various home windows on the first and second floors allows los viewer to study these masterpieces looking for their perfections and imperfections.

Galleria después Campanile

This room holds part of the artwork representar the bell tower, when again it is apparent that sculpture was ns means the communication con the 16 larger-than-life statues and fifty-four reliefs.

ns reliefs are shown in their original order, beginning on west prior of the bell Tower and moving to ns south, the east, y finally los north. The hexagonal scenes of experto activities room arranged beneath the diamond-shaped ones the illustrate los “systems” structuring humano life.***


Galleria della Cupola

Perhaps one of the more fascinating rooms in the museo centers on los architectural masterpiece the Brunelleschi, the Cupola. This room brings together the construction with a quick film, ns tools “invented” for the purpose of getting to these once dizzying heights, designs of ns decorations & windows that grace the interior, even numero 3 large tree trunks that are un subtle reminder that where los wooden beams came from to build this (almost) difficult dream: ns Casentino Forests.

Sala delle Cantorie

Here you will certainly find junto a by página two choir lofts that once stood in los Duomo: one sculpted through Luca della Robbia (1431-38), the other by Donatello (1433-39). This is un valuable chance to compare dos of ns great artist of the Renaissance: della Robbia"s infants are smooth, their activities lyrical; Donatello"s convey uno more immediate vigor.


Sala ese Coro Bandinelliano

This room is devoted to Baccio Bandinelli,whowas commissioned by Cosimo identificación de’Medici for his creative skill con marble. He began in mil quinientos cuarenta y siete eighty-six reliefs, together con his assistants, to be used to decorate los choir enclosure. This room puts on display veinticuatro of this panels, also as a selection that vestments representar the 16th, 17th y 18th centuries.

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Climbing to the Second Floor

There are numerous sets of stairs throughout los first floor which will certainly take you come the siguiente level, me gustaría must admit identificación had the faint sensation the they adjusted direction (like ns magical measures in bother Potter) and frequentlyled me to ns dead end, but just in case you require it there is one elevator in ~ the end of los Galleria della Cupola and another to los left of los stairs delaware either the Salone ese Paradiso or Galleria del Campanile.