Museo del prado gratis para profesores

The museo places special emphasis on program designed to strengthen ties con teachers y students. Our is uno privileged setting that promotes uno unique brand of educational activity, where we room able to work transversally con different educational levels and from assorted disciplines. Dialogue with teachers, maintain activities y face-to-face meet yield new ideas, making the museum a location where teaching/learning processes unfold in a naturaleza way.

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Museo Nacional del Prado

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Opening hours

Monday come Saturday from diez a.m. To ocho p.m.

Sundays y holidays from diez a.m. To siete p.m.

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January 1st

May 1st

December 25th

Limited opening hours

January 6th

December 24th y 31th

From 10 a.m. To 2 p.m.

Free access

Monday to Saturday from seis p.m. To ocho p.m.

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Sundays y holidays from cinco p.m. To siete p.m.

Current Exhibitions


Return Journey. Letras of the américas in Spain


Murillo’s the Prodigal Son y the letras of stare in Andalusian Baroque painting


Forty years of Friendship. Donations desde the fundación Amigos después Museo de Prado


The Carmen Sánchez Bequest. The Ultimate Lesson

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