This new space is los result of ns rehabilitation of former offices with ns purpose to honour all los presidents of the Porto advertising Association, because its structure in 1834, till nowadays. Ns primary objective of this room is to honour all the presidents of the Commercial Association, every those men who worked, y sill work, so tough in order to make this institution one of ns most well-known ones in the country.

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Contrary come all other rooms of ns building, this one is not open to visitors, because of its invaluable and priceless collection of books. At los time, los associates that the house used this room in order come read ns newspapers desde all over the world and to consult the reports and books with commercial content.

Equally an useful are ns artistic watches, too as two enormous globes of los XIX century, being among them ns earthly representation and the other one ns celestial round that surrounds us.

There is also a portrait the Ferreira Borges, dated representar 1839, enforcement by artículo Alves Ferreira. It is a tribute to the man who created the first Portuguese commercial Code.

The ceiling, by António Carneiro, represents Eco, los messenger of the universal language. The is uno masculine figure, on a cart traction by white horses, holding the most renowned commercial symbol, ns caduceus.



Hall that Nations

It is unavoidable that our an initial glance is guided to ns iron y glass dome, by Tomás Soller. It is an outstanding structure, difficult to match, flanked all around by veinte coat-of-arms the all the countries with which Portugal held commercial and friendly connections at ns time.

The full restoration of los patio and its dome to be initiated in 2007 and finish in 2008. This structure has actually some modernizations concerning air circulation being already equipped with automatic louvered vents, precipitation sensors and anemometers that measure ns wind speed.

The coat of eight had uno technical treatment between dos mil catorce and 2015.



Noble Staircase

This staircase, the gives access to ns first floor of ns building, through Gustavo Adolfpho Gonçalves e Sousa, remains engraved in los memory the its visitants. The decorative details in granite, such as festoons, Corinthian capitals y corrugated pilasters, among others, space some of ns endless details that this space.

The dos existing chandeliers, through Soares doble Reis, are a remembrance the this structure was one of ns first ones, in the ciudad of Porto, to it is in electrified.

A tiny reference to the majestical roof skylight, whose enteramente restoration to be concluded in the year that 2012.

The commercial Court Room

With early traces through Joel Pereira da Silva, i beg your pardon was afterwards reformulated by the architect Marques da Silva, the is in this room, with French renaissance style, that the nuevo confreres of the Port wine brotherhood room enthroned. Amongst many individualities we have Prince Albert II that Monaco, the President of los Portuguese Republic Professor Cavaco Silva, and many others.

The reconstruction of the four significant windows occurred between dos mil siete and 2014, being the coloured junto a ones of French origin and the centrar one representar Lisbon. The sede glass engraving was made through a empresa from Gondomar and the reconstruction contract by one architect from Porto de Mós.

Jurors Room – Medina Museum

This is ns room where los jurors gathered, come present ns actions required to trial in los ancient advertising Court.

The twelve paints that are here exposed were donated come this institution by los painter himself, Henrique Medina, in ns ambit of the commemoration the the ciento cincuenta years of los Porto advertisement Association.

Telegraph Room

This tiny room contains ns ancient telegraph of the Porto Commercial asociación used to aprobar information, pertained to merchandise, once entering los mouth of ns river Douro.

The design of this device was conceived by los two Portuguese artículo da cesado e Silva Leitão, professor of physics at the Porto Polytechnic Academy y Francisco António Galho, one artist of los city.

Gustave Eiffel Cabinet

It was here that gustave Eiffel opened up his wing to imagination y his genius projecting pieces so unique and emblematic together as the bridge D. Maria Pia, below in Porto, los double leg in Viana carry out Castelo, los railway leg in Barcelos or los road leg in Pinhão.

This room is a tribute to uno genius man, who took ns iron constructions to un level that masterpiece and durability never ever dreamt before. A master who left his rubber stamp in the city of Porto and who honoured los Porto Commercial combinación with his presence.

President’s Room

The oil paintings of this room, through Marques después Oliveira desde 1890, present the traditional work-related of Roman people as thematic.

Worthwhile emphasizing, apart from the magnificent carved pavement con exotic bosque of Brazilian and African origin, is los marble fireplace by ns sculptor Teixeira Lopes, from which the lado columns detach with feminine statues y in its interior, in wrought iron, we have allegories to the river Douro y the commerce.

Golden Room

This room is currently still provided by the tablero of Directors, comprised by 15 elements who represent as numerous sectors that activity and who room elected and not remunerated, for their monthly meetings.

In enhancement to ns interesting pavement we have los stucco ceiling, ns furniture by Marques da Silva, los paintings of previous presidents y the two bronze boards, exhibiting the names of los presidents of the two century of this institution.

General Assembly Room

Here, ns Porto Commercial asociación holds dos annual normal assemblies. Projected by Tomás Soller between 1879 and 1883, and later on modification by José del Macedo Araújo Júnior between 1883 and 1890, los whole room, excluding the chandelier in ns centre weighting approximately one ton, is an immense óptico illusion given the way ns craftsmen, utilizing plaster, have achieved to make los walls look prefer they would have actually been made of wood.

This room, especially los ceiling, has been revived in 2014.

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Portraits Room

Decorated in louis XVI style, this room honours the último six emperors of ns Bragança dynasty. What stands fuera the many is, without a doubt, ns pavement with ns rare visualmente effect the illusory depth.

With this symbolic homage, ns Porto Commercial asociación thanked D. Maria II the donation of the ruins of los extinct convent S. Francisco.

The exposed table, by ns Portuguese wood tallista Zeferino josé Pinto, took tres years to be completed and achieved one honourable cite at the gama exposition of parís in 1867.

Arabian Room

The building of this room, by architect Gustavo Adolfo Gonçalves de Sousa, influenced in los Alhambra palace, was initiated on los 15th of September of 1862 and finished on ns 12th the June of 1880. Together in the rest of ns building, this room also has ns pavement with the best madera such together mahogany, jacaranda, Aspidosperma Olivaceum, rosewood and plane.

The Arabian room is Porto’s most essential hall for official acts and also phase for thousands of concerts y many reputation solemnities that very much honour the name Portugal y project the worldwide.

Here, ns most recent intervention developed between dos mil nueve and 2010.


Visiting Hours

November to March9:00 a.m. – 13:00 p.m. / 14:00 p.m. – 17:30 p.m.

April come October9 to be to 6:30 p.m.

The guided tour lasts 30 minutes and the language is booked according to the order of arrival.

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, English


– Single: € 10.00– college student / Schools/ Senior: € 6.5– niños up to doce years the age, accompanied by adults, enjoy totally free admission (except teams of children).

Opening hrs ACP/ Palácio da Bolsa

9:30 a.m. – 13:00 p.m. / 14:00 p.m. – 17:30 p.m.

Dates available for visiting

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After visiting los Palácio da Bolsa, take benefit of this room specifically created for every those that visit los region the Porto y the norte of Portugal.

From the signature covering to los magnet, to ns cork products y the usual boyfriends scarves, representar the Minho region, this keep provides the visitor with the most usual in Portugal.

This site also offers uno wide range of publications in various languages.

Surprise yourself with our classic souvenirs to sell or to later on remember.

Tel: doscientos veintitrés 399 013Schedules: November to March: 9:00 a.m – 13:00 p.m. / 14:00 p.m. – 17:30 p.m.April un October: 9:00 a.m. – 18:30 p.m.

Palace Workshop / Goldsmithing

Goldsmithing is the art of working silver and gold for ns purpose of developing jewelry or ornaments.

Ancient art, date around 2500 BCE, is an art greatly appreciated throughout the world.

Counting on ns most differed purity indexes, carat is ns reference used as a measure that purity analysis when the material in question is gold.

The purity that this carril is to express by ns number of gold parts that make up ns bar or part. In Portugal ns most produced gold is 19.2 carats, i beg your pardon is why it is title as Portuguese Gold, gift one of ns most an useful in the world.

Representing Gondomar in between 50% and 60% of the Portuguese Goldsmithing industry, we can not fail to will to the goldsmiths that this county so as no to forget a peculiar y typical Portuguese art, in privado Filigrana.

Filigree is a goldsmithing an approach that is composed of combining very fine yellow or silver strands applied on plates of ns same metal, drawing circular or “these” motifs.

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You room invited come visit this place, from where girlfriend will certainly not leave indifferent.