Parc Natural Delta De L Ebre

Are you planning come come to ns Ebro Delta? we can aid you. Discover the Ebro llanuras Natural Park, right here you will find everything friend need; what come see, tourist information, tasks …

The Ebro llanuras is los largest and most crucial aquatic an ar in Catalonia y covers an area of 330.31 km2. In addition, it also has two large bays: bahía de der Alfaques and Bahía ese Fangar, con an area that 68.46 km².The main characteristics of this naturaleza space space its an excellent variety the landscapes, creating up to ochenta types of environments in which all varieties of flora y fauna can be found.In mil novecientos ochenta y tres the Ebro delta Natural Park was produced as ns system for los preservation of natural systems.

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For countless years, “Terres después l’Ebre” and the Ebro Delta have actually been catalogued as a singular y natural territory.

In mil novecientos sesenta y dos it to be named together an area of internacional importance with los highest category, within ns classification the Euro-African wetlands of international interest elaborated by office Mar. In addition, in mil novecientos ochenta y cuatro it was declared one area of European prestige by the European Council for its braided vegetation, y three año later, the europe Union asserted it un Special security Area because that Birds. It was also included to the Ramsar Convention y wetlands in 1993, y obtained the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in 2007.

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In 2013, because that example, it to be declared a natural Biosphere to make reservation by UNESCO many thanks to that natural and landscape richness. One of the main factors for this is the fantastic depiction in Mediterranean ecosystems. Moreover, on veintisiete September 2016 the Ebro Delta y Terres después l’Ebre to be declared among the cien best sustainable traveler destinations in ns world.


Information center of los Ebro llanuras Natural Park

⏰Opening times: Monday to Sunday: from 10am to 1pm.

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Summer afternoons: representar 15h come 18h.