Parking Cerca De Calle Larios Malaga

We arrive AGP at 9h40am on ns Tuesday y will choose up our rental automóvil at ns airport. Before heading north to Archidona, us would favor to spend uno few hrs sightseeing y having having lunch in downtown Malaga. Con that in mind, deserve to you recommend whereby we should park.

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I am looking at ns parking write-up in los FAQs section, yet would be glad because that any specific guidance.

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Its tricky getting into ns Plaza de la Marina car park , as arriving representar the plane you room on ns wrong página of los street and cant cross over .You may need to go along y turn round y come back on yourself to gain in , uneven you have the right to swing round at ns lights , the other choice is which may be easier y only ns short walk away

Based on los fact the we will certainly be tired after our vuelo I think i will opt for the less stressful option of skipping Malaga and heading phia băc to Antequera instead.


I always shot to stop driving in malaga, its tiempo consuming y many road works etc.

I always parque at Plaza más alto a retail park cinco minutes from the airport, totally free parking, that is a doce minute train journay into sede malaga and costs 1.80 each y the trains run every veinte minutes, this train additionally calls at the airport.

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You wont also drive into malaga in los time the train takes, never mind uncover a coche park space.

It might take 30-40 minutes gaining into Malaga y parking , relying on traffic , uno hr come Archidona ,you can stop off dentro de route if you great

Yes i think i will cabeza north and skip Malaga.

Any advice of uno good having lunch spot en route come Archidona from AGP?

Restaurante el Puerto -papposo in Casabermeja about half way , however opens up midday

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