Parque natural cazorla segura y las villas

Nestled in southerly Spain, lies parque Natural después la Sierra después Cazorla, Segura, y ns Villas (Sierra después Cazorla, Segura, y las Villas natural Park); ns stunning outdoor recreation destination recognized for its forested peaks and deep valleys. The parque contains trescientos cincuenta y seis named mountains with Empanada being ns highest at 2,105 m (6,906 ft). Los most significant mountain is Blancillo with seiscientos treinta y ocho m (2,093 ft) of prominence.

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Parque Natural ese la Sierra ese Cazorla, Segura, y las Villas is positioned in los southern region of Spain in ns Jaén province. Both ns Sierra del Cazorla and the Sierra del Segura mountain ranges run throughout ns park. Between ns two varieties lie plenty of valleys y plains saturado of communities, open fields, y pristine lakes.

Elevations in the betet Natural de la Sierra de Cazorla, Segura, y las Villas range from around 500 m (1,640 ft) increase to the summit the Empanada. The park spans 2,099 cuadrado kilometers (810 cuadrado miles) across southern Spain.

Additionally, cerveza Natural del la Sierra de Cazorla, Segura, y ns Villas is situated near uno large number of other popular outdoor recreación areas. This consists of the ver Nevada país Park (Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada) to ns southwest, promontorio de Gata-Níjar naturalmente Park (Parque Natural cabo de Gata-Níjar) to the southeast, y the Parque naturaleza Sierra del Baza (Sierra después Baza natural Park) to the south.


Similar to much of los surrounding landscape, ns rugged peaks of the park are made of dolomitic limestone. Millions of año of erosion have actually left behind distinctive karstic formations dentro de the park boundaries.One of the most iconic examples of this is what is recognized as La Toba. The naturaleza stairway is made of white travertine y has numerous caves along ns banks that the con seguridad river. Another prime instance of the karstic formations have the right to be found near ns Anchuricas Reservoir.

The rough peaks of the parque were originally developed when the African y Eurasian tectonic plates collided. Ns sediment left along los slopes of los mountain arrays have permitted flora y fauna come flourish.

Major peaks within the parque include Empanada, Blancillo, alto de la Cabrilla, y Morra de la Vaga.

Aguascebas Reservoir y its waterfall


While ns peaks of los park define the landscape, dentro de the park boundaries lies the largest pine forest in all of Spain. Numerous species of pine trees are uncovered throughout that with ns most common being los European blakc pine.At reduced elevations ns forest is composed of Aleppo pine, mastic, and strawberry trees. At higher elevations the forest is conquered by holm oak, Portuguese oak, y maritime pine. Along ns waterways are regularly willows, reeds, cattails, ash, providing an abundant elevar for smaller sized mammals.

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There are over 2,100 different types of tree throughout the park and 34 that can specifically be found en the parque boundaries. Ns vast selection of biodiversity permits for animal to flourish as well.Deer and abundant transparent the parque along with wild boars, Spanish ibex, sheep, y fallow deer. Countless of los deer species have been presented for searching purposes along con packs of wolf in much more recent decades. The parque is also página de inicio to gastos generales species the invertebrates endemic to the region.

Human History

Human human being dates trasero to dos mil BCE in los region. Primitive Rupestrian jadear has been discovered along the segura River the runs through the park. Security of the region began in the 1960s when 700 square kilometers (270 sq miles) was collection aside for hunting purposes. This region was vastly broadened with ns establishment that the park in 1986 to assist protect y preserve biodiversity.

Major Trails & long Areas

Parque Natural del la Sierra después Cazorla, Segura, y las Villas is casa to many trails. Below are part of ns top hiking areas to visit in los park:

Salto del los Órganos via río Borosa

The bailar de der Órganos via fluir Borosa is one of ns most popular hikes in ns park. Los route totals 19 km (11.8 miles) with 728 m (2,388 ft) key gain. Los trail complies with along the rio Borosa before crossing un bridge and climbing in elevation.

Aguascebas del Gil Cobo: Blanquillo

This route adheres to along the san Gines gorge, correr parallel to ns stream by ns same name. Los wide trail climate winds through ns iconic pine woodland of the parque before reaching ns Collado después Perezoso. When hikers have ns view of the region representar this little hill, los route continues up to the summit the Blanquillo, which is additionally known together Pedro Miguel.

El Aguardentero (La Osera)

The el Aguardentero hiking path winds v one of ns most scenic sections of the La Villas mountain range in ns park.The trail complies with along ns River Aguascebas chaval that leader to uno large waterfall y basin. Open areas are sprinkled throughout los route enabling for ideologies of the massif towering above.

Major Cities

Looking for un place to remain near parque Natural del la Sierra de Cazorla, Segura, y las Villas ? here are some of ns best cities y villages come check fuera de in ns region:


Located at the southern fin of the park lies the ciudad of Baza. The ciudad has un population of approximately 22,000 and lies within the valley of ns Sierra neva range. The town is named after the protected park which in turn was named delaware the iconic peaks.The señora of Baza, un prehistoric artifact, was uncovered in the ciudad during ns 1970s. Humans have actually inhabited the region the Baza for thousands of years y today ns small city is known for being uno quaint community not far representar Granada.

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The city Granada is the capital of the province the Granada. The urban populace is roughly 475,000, making it the 13th biggest in Spain. Granada is surrounding by mountain ranges and sits on los Vega ese Granada plain.Granada is recognized for being los cultural and historical hub of ns region y province, casa to numerous museums and festivals. The ciudad is also patria to numerous parks including los gardens the Alhambra and Generalife, y the Federico García Lorca Park.