Would you favor to invest an unforgettable y terrifying Halloween con your family or friends? friend cannot also imagine what we have actually in save this year to surprise you. You will live an impressive Halloween!

From October 2 to November 1, 2021, you will have the ability to experience Halloween in ~ Parque después Atracciones Madrid. Will certainly you it is in brave sufficient to live this terrifying experience?

This year you cannot miss out on Halloween, our spookiest season with shows, terrorismo passages, calle animation y a spectacular atmosphere in every corner. We space waiting because that you in ~ Parque del Atracciones Madrid to placed you to los test. Will you overcome the challenge of living our Halloween?

Let los little people of the house be surprised con all the nuevo stuff y come con your family come enjoy los funniest Halloween! Tricks and treats, riddles y lots that laughs room waiting because that you.

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You will get goosebumps when you get to understand our Halloween temor passages. Room you sure you want to enter? You will certainly scream with fear!


The an extremely same día of your visit girlfriend will have actually to book each temor passage alongside ns people you have actually come con (maximum 8 people período shift).


Ticket offices will open one hour prior to each terrorismo passage beginning, until sold out. Check here the location of each passage y its ticket office.

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Still don"t know our VIP Experiences? We market you different options so the you have the right to choose ns one friend like ns most y feel unique.


We introduce the VIP Horror experience and los VIP supervisor Horror Experience. Check here all the info and live ns most VIP Halloween!

Need un break and recharge representar all ns adrenaline? we have uno great variety of restaurantes with uno wide cooking offer.

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And if friend would fairly have uno quicker systems not to miss out on a soltero second of her visit, ns Express Menu is what you space looking for! Check here all ns info.

Our Covid-19 protection measures


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