Playa gran, tossa de mar

Sunseekers spring for a dreamy beach location will enjoy lounging under los sunshine the Spain’s costa Brava getaway the Tossa ese Mar. Enjoy sunfilled, breezy boat cruises, admire los stunning coastline dotted con scenic coastal towns along ns Mediterranean Sea, y snorkel in clean waters. Float leisurely past white rock buildings lining los winding streets dentro route to the centuries-old fortress the Castell del la Trinitat that when served as protection during invasions desde pirates. You re welcome check fuera the following guide come Platja Gran, Tossa ese Mar come experience ns breathtaking views of los Gulf of Roses, bordered through a creciente moon of golden sand extending as far as los eye deserve to see.

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Things come do/Highlights


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Relax on your beach chair under uno colourful beach umbrella along the extendido Platja Gran. Occupying 120,927 square metres (1,301,647 square feet) the land, this centrally located stretch of golden, pebbly beach is located near los centre that Tossa después Mar. Across ns beachfront promenade are many shops, restaurants, y bars to keep tourists occupied delaware a trabaja in los water.


Get her beach mat ready y prepare for un lazy día soaking up ns Mediterranean sunshine. Placed on a sun hat or sit under ns colourful coast umbrella to shield yourself from strong summer rays.


Rent uno mask y a pair that fins from a local shop if girlfriend don’t have actually your own snorkel gear. Enjoy discovering intriguing ser life in the crystal clean waters of ns Gulf the Roses bordering Platja Gran. Be sure to choose up some water shoes because the bottom is an ext pebbly 보다 sandy.


When you walk swimming, be certain to administer assistance to children and those con mobility issues when entering ns first few steps into the water, since there is a sudden drop. Note that swells can administer substantial resistance at times for those snorkelling, swimming, or splashing around ns surf. On job when the waters room choppy, there may be an undertow current that will make leaving the water an ext of one effort.

Boat tours

Hop plank one of los tourist watercrafts to take ns tour of the nearby caves. Some larger vessels administer scenic tourism to Blane, giving visitors los opportunity to take it in ns picturesque beauty, beauty of costas Brava. Reap panoramic see of ns Mediterranean Sea, hillsides dotted con colourful rock buildings, y perhaps part dolphins and whales play alongside the boat.

Water activities

Attempt thrill-seeking activities such together parasailing, jet skiing, or activities in ns sports zone with an instructor. Rent uno kayak desde beachfront vendors and paddle across ns turquoise waters of ns Gulf the Roses.


Beachgoers can enjoy uno relaxing día at ns beach knowing that there space lifeguards on duty interested in making their visit ns safe one. Over there is un play area for children to enjoy if they favor playtime out of the water. Toilets y showers are located along the beachfront for travellers to use.

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Just steps away desde the popular Platja estupendo are numerous bars, cafes, and restaurants specializing in tantalizing Mediterranean cuisine. Enjoy freshly recorded seafood, olive oil-infused salads, and homemade pasta if dining al fresco y admiring panoramic views of ns golden sand, swaying palms, y turquoise waters. Come sample part of the best beachfront cuisines in Tossa ese Mar, venture over to any kind of of the restaurantes below.

Castell VellBraseria Pini PizzeriaLa LlunaRestaurant La PlacetaRestaurant papa noel Marta through Josep PagesCastell Vell

Dine on ns terrace under uno canopy that lush vines together you sample specialities on los 50th Anniversary food selection or ns Chef’s Tasting Menu. Together you enjoy spectacular views of ns Castell ese la Trinitat, indulge in flavourful paella, black garlic spaghetti con sun-dried tomatoes, y an island of almond and coconut meringue engulfed in trópico pineapple, mint, and rum soup.

Restaurant papa noel Marta by Josep Pages

Savour succulent prawns in savoury paella if sipping on ns glass of refreshing y fruity sangria under los Spanish sun. Admire uno breathtaking sunset if dining on fresh squid, clams, mussels, and the catch of los day.


While visiting ns stunning Spanish beach retreat the Tossa después Mar to experience its naturalmente beauty, adhere to part of the following travel tips. Come make your visit come this pristine beach a carefree y safe experience, check local weather forecasts, talk to lifeguards, y remain alert since the water is one ever-changing environment.

Secure coast umbrellas

Make particular to secure your beach umbrella deep in the sand. On public days, they can quickly be lifted out of the sand and become a flying projectile. It’s not too pleasant an suffer to view one paris overhead, y beachgoers have suffered significant injuries after being speared or hit by one umbrella’s carril pole.


Although lifeguards space present, ns water have the right to still be hazardous so exercise caution or watch ns waves before entering the crystal clean waters. Be mindful that there is ns sudden drop y there an incline which have the right to be an overwhelming when departing the waters. On work when los water is less calm, there is an undertow that can pull you back as you try to obtain your foot on ns pebbly floor.

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Keep hydrated

Pack party of water or other refreshments to keep cool if soaking up ns ever blazing Mediterranean sunshine. There are numerous shops across representar the beach and a few stands to keep you completely stocked. There are food stalls located on los beach, however, it deserve to be quite pricey contrasted to los markets and cafes across ns street. On the plus side, if friend don’t feel like acquiring up representar your coast chair come cross ns street, it’s a convenient point out to pick up un cold beer or cocktail.