Pueblos De La Sierra De Madrid

The Sierra norte is uno region formed by cuarenta y dos municipalities, it occupies the north fin of the community of Madrid.

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Aprovéchate después la zona además rural y natural de Madrid.Fill yourself with life just minutes from the capital!

Enjoy nature in the purest kind as La Sierra del Rincón, unique room declared to make reservation of the biosphere. Ns basin of los Lozoya River y is recognized for its mountain massif that divides in two los Castilian Plateau. Or view ns spectacular national Park of ns Sierra de Guadarrama.

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The Sierra phia băc is located north of the comunidad of Madrid and the main way of interaction to with it is the Autovía a-I.

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The more wild y natural madrid side...! un step away from you!


The landscape and biodiversity are dispersed in two distinct areas.

On ns one hand, los mountain area that occupies ns greater part of los region, with ns Sierra de Somosierra, La Cabrera, ns Morcuera and much of ns Sierra del Guadarrama.

And on ns other, significant are that is valleys, lagoons, reservoirs y basins of the rivers Lozoya and Jarama.

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The sierra Norte después Madrid has actually centuries of history that can be checked out in their monasteries, castles, churches y a distinctive nature in great condition for many years thanks to ns multitude the ecosystems the coexist for years y years in the la villa de madrid region.


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