Pueblos De Las Palmas De Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is for this reason much much more than los Palmas (the capital), and the popular spots the Maspalomas and Puerto Rico. The island is dotted con pretty little towns and villages the are idealistas for exploring. Even if it is it be a small fishing port or what far desde the coast surrounded through volcanoes, the smallest areas on gran Canaria are fine examples of the lugares architecture, economy and customs.

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It’s straightforward to obtain to know uno few that them since they are all reasonably close to every another. Take ns trip around ns island and uncover some of its best-kept secrets.

Gran Canaria towns and villages that room really worth uno visit

Here is a selection the towns y villages to overview you on her trip around gran Canaria. Of course, over there are likewise many more places that are uno delight come visit.


Firgas, Paseo de Canarias


It is really worth her while taking uno walk roughly beautiful Agaete. It has pretty white houses y a quaint viejo quarter wherein you will certainly find embarazada church y Huerto ese las flores garden. One of the island’s many important historical sites – Maipés necropolis – is additionally in the locality. That is an ancient y impressive cemetery with around setecientos tombs sculpted into coagulation lava. Y that’s no all: Agaete has some amazing natural pools and, together you could expect representar a good fishing village, you can eat exceptionally fresh fish in any kind of of the restaurants. La Rama, the localidades festivity, is hosted in August.


In Teror, you can visit nuestra Señora de Pino Basilica in los main square. Friend can also stroll through los streets, numerous of which have been pedestrianised, and admire classic Canary isla architecture. Ns traditional residences have wooden balconies, many of which are alive con brightly-coloured flores displays.

Inland grande Canaria


This area of estupendo Canaria has actually been inhabited since ancient times. In fact, Roque Bentayga crag, which is in ns locality, was a sacred place for ns natives. Enjoy los surrounding countryside y impressive views or visit Roque Nublo crag. Tejeda is perfect if you are interested in culture. If she keen ~ above ethnography, climate the lugares museum (Museo Etrnográfico) will be of attention to you. However, if sculptures are much more your thing, then don’t miss the Museo de Esculturas wherein you have the right to enjoy Canarian abraham Cárdenes’ work.

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Agüimes dates regreso to the period following los conquest of los Catholic Monarchs. San Sebastián Church, i beg your pardon was built in the neoclassical style, is fine worth uno visit. If you room keen on old history, you have the right to visit los remains of old settlements in the area. For example, the Temisas y Guayadeque aboriginal settlements and the spectacular bordering landscapes.

Puerto ese Mogán

Puerto ese Mogán has grown over the la edad but that still maintain an air of tradition. Ns canals, classic whitewashed homes and colourful plants and flowers room enchanting. It additionally has ns small port with uno charming naval walk. The is uno perfect spot because that taking un seat y having some refreshments.

The prettiest towns y villages in southern gran Canaria

San Agustín

This traveler spot is pure tranquillity con just los odd surfer or pan of water sporting activities to break the silence. Los beach is un haven the peace and quiet and nothing like busy Playa después Inglés. It it s okay a límite number the visitors and the ser is rather calm.


Arguineguín is un traditional fishing village y a perfect clues for un dip in the sea. There are fantastic beaches y natural saltwater swimming pools in los area. Since you will certainly have collected an appetite, treat you yourself to the lugares fresh fish próximo to los port. If you lucky, there will certainly be clear blue skies y an possibility to spot los summit of the Teide mountain across the way in Tenerife.

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Other beloved towns y villages on grande Canaria

This list of beautiful towns y villages on estupendo Canaria is by alguna means exhaustive. Galdar, papa noel María ese Guía, Vega después San Mateo and Ingenio space also an excellent places come visit. If she driving along y spot a signpost to any of them, nothing think double about transforming off y spending some time there.

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