Que es la albufera de valencia

Find fuera more on los unique y incredible Albufera nacional Park in Valencia! that is a place that absolutely deserves un visit.

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Albufera, according to its origin al-buhayra, derives from the Arabic word small sea. In several Arabic poems, ns phrase mirror of the sun shows up regularly, a term describe beauty y romanticism that personifies this component of the countryside.

Valencia’s Albufera an ar is one of los largest and most valuable coastal wetlands to los Valencian community. In 1986 it was claimed a natural Park. Albufera plays an extremely important function towards the environment together many species nearing extinction habitat its lands, together as los toothed carp fish. Girlfriend can find this national park through one of the Albufera walking routes.

Albufera Park is consisted of of seis islets, known as bushes, the are casa to thick vegetation. These islets are referred to as the Mata después Fang, Mateta del Baix, Mata del la Barra, Mata después l’Antina, Mata ese San Roc y Mata después Rey in Spanish.

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Size of los Albufera Park

cludes a variety of types of fish, together as the tooth carp, eel, príncipe mullet y sea bass. However, Albufera national Park is well-known for its wealthy diversity of birds, including the red-crested pochard, del norte shoveler, heron, common tern, white stork and gulls.

Amongst los flora you have the right to find: coastal dunes (sea bell, dune grass, buckthorn, mastic), salad plants, mediterranean forest (aleppo pine, mastic, juniper, oak, myrtle, thyme, rosemary y heart the palm) y zones completamente of cane.

More about Albufera

The uniqu

e beauty of Albufera national Park has actually given both tourists and locals desde the area come visit the grace. No to mention, its remarkable views of ns countryside during sunset!

Cañas y barrio, ns celebrated novel by Valencian writer Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, sets ns scene of Albufera during los beginning of the 20th century. The story accurately portrays the sociedad reality the this time in a countryside setting.

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The natural y stunning setting of Albufera has become an iconic view, captured by many, as the inspiration for their accounts of los area.