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As the capital of Utah, you can rest assured the there room plenty of things to perform in Salt lago City. Started by Mormon settlers in los 1840s, the ciudad is ns conglomerate the temples too as naturalmente beauty and wildlife the the americano West.

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If you’re wondering what to carry out in Salt lake City, save reading because this guide will reveal the top 15 things to perform in SLC. Desde skiing y hiking come temple and museum tours, you’ll find something to suit any interest.

Despite gift in un traditionally conservative state, SLC has a diverse culture, not to mention plenty of recreational opportunities. Check fuera these attractions in Salt lake City and our mapa at the fin of the article to plan your trip.

I also recommend analysis our guide on ns 25 best things to execute in Utah, since guess what- ns best of ns beehive state is far desde its capital.

1. Holy place Square, los most extendido attraction in Salt lago City

Temple Square is, through far, los most popular attraction in Salt lago City. It’s own by ns Church of Jesus Christ the Latter-Day Saints y sits in the center of downtown.

As the city’s Mormon headquarters, los Temple square complex includes los Salt lake Temple, Salt lake Tabernacle, Salt lake Assembly Hall, and Seagull Monument. You’ll recognize you’re in the square because you’ll see ns towering 15-foot spires of los Temple, which okay talk about next.

1. Temple Square, one of los most ancha attractions in Salt lake City

I additionally recommend go through the Gardens at temple Square, i beg your pardon spans 35 acres y includes Japanese maples, English oaks, y perennials like tulips and daisies. The gardens surround the Beehive House and Lion House, i beg your pardon I’ll additionally talk around later, too.

If girlfriend visit during los Christmas season, be certain to check fuera the Christmas bright in los gardens. It’s one of ns best free things to execute in Salt lake City!

2. Salt lago Temple, uno calm location to walk in Salt lake City

Salt lake Temple is los highlight of holy place Square and a must-see in Salt lago City.

It’s ns largest Mormon holy place in ns world and took cuarenta years to complete, which isn’t surprising offered its grandiose dimensions. As los centerpiece of temple Square, Salt lago Temple serves as the headquarters for ns LDS Church. Members think about it sacred, for this reason public tours aren’t permitted inside ns temple. That said, los temple grounds are accessible and are among the main attractions in Salt lago City.

2. Salt lake Temple, ns calm place to walk in Salt lake City

Due come its immense religious importance, the temple has several symbolic elements. For example, the centrar of los temple depicts los All-Seeing Eye of God, when an point of view Moroni frosting reflects ns angel stated in Revelation 14:6. Various other motifs incorporate clouds, Saturns, manos in prayer, and the big Dipper.

3. Salt lake Tabernacle, un free point to perform in Salt lago City

Also recognized as the Mormon Tabernacle, this domed religious building in Temple cuadrado was completed in 1875. It initially served as uno meetinghouse for ns LDS Church y occasionally master LDS conferences today. Ns Tabernacle initially had uno 7,000-person capacity prior to its renovation in 2007, however it tho holds 3,500 people, i beg your pardon is fairly impressive.

3. Salt lake Tabernacle, uno free thing to execute in Salt lake City

The centerpiece the the doméstica is the Salt lake Tabernacle organ, a must-see in Salt lago City. Consists of 11,623 pipes, it’s one of the largest pipeline organs on Earth, y its tallest pipes are 32 feet high. Los Tabernacle Choir in ~ Temple cuadrado uses ns organ for regular practices and performances. You can catch daily body organ recitals year-round in ~ noon (2:00 pm on Sundays).

It’s one of los primary landmarks in Salt lake City, therefore be sure to avoid by when you’re at holy place Square.

4. Utah estado Capitol

The Utah estado Capitol is another impressive place to see in Salt lago City. Built in the Corinthian y Neoclassical renewal styles, the building is composed of 5 stories saturado of paintings, murals, and sculptures as well as exhibits, un cyclorama, and the workplaces of the Utah state Legislature.

4. Utah state Capitol

Tours of los capitol structure are open to the public, so it’s a free thing to execute in Salt lago City if ns weather’s bad. Inside, you’ll find portraits of former estado Representatives and Congress members, and temporary exhibits spanning art, history, and politics.

The capitol grounds include uno Vietnam war Memorial, Utah law Enforcement Memorial, and a monument to los Mormon Battalion. You can follow the .7-mile walkway around los plaza, representar which you can captura views the downtown salt Lake ciudad attractions. You’ll also pass by uno reflecting pool, sculptures, y small gardens.

5. Visit Great salt Lake, a unique thing to carry out in Salt lago City

This wouldn’t be un guide to salt Lake city without mentioning the Great sal Lake. As the largest saltwater lake in ns Western Hemisphere, it’s one of the most famous locations in Salt lake City.

You could have heard it called by ns name “America’s Dead Sea” because of its high saline content, yet the lake is still patria to waterfowl, shorebirds, and brine shrimp. Ns salty, marshy water gives migratory habitats for birds like ns red-necked phalarope, black-necked stilt, american avocet, snowy plover, tundra swan, american white pelican, white-faced ibis, eared grebe, peregrine falcon, y bald eagle.

5. Visit Great salt Lake, a unique thing to perform in Salt lake City

You deserve to stop at one of los wildlife sanctuaries that surround the Great salt Lake, including Bear flow Migratory Bird Refuge, come learn an ext about this aviary species.

Moreover, over there are several islands in the lake, although los fluctuating water level renders it hard to determine just how numerous islands there are. Uno few of ns recognized islands room Stansbury Island, Gunnison Island, Fremont Island, Carrington Island, and Antelope Island, which is open year-round because that recreation y wildlife viewing.

While it’s also salty and stinky come support most wildlife, good Salt lago remains a top attraction in Salt lago City. When you visit, prevent by the Great Salt lago State Park for ns picnic or boat ride. Of course, like most large bodies that water, there’s an urbano legend of ns “North shore Monster” in los lake, but identificación think you’ll it is in fine!

6. Antelope Island, los best ar to hike in Salt lago City

Antelope Island is the largest island in los Great salt Lake, y it’s among the most beautiful places in Salt lago City. It becomes un peninsula when the water level is bajo enough.

The isla is a gorgeous area, and its naturalmente beauty is protected by the Antelope isla State Park. Here, you have the right to see bighorn sheep, americano bison, coyotes, bobcats, mule deer, pronghorn, y hundreds of species of waterfowl. Ns Antelope island bison herd was presented to ns land in the 1890s y is one of los largest and oldest publicly-owned herds in ns US.

6. Antelope Island, the best ar to hike in Salt lago City

The state park is a family-friendly ar with a marina, beach, campground, y backcountry trails for hiking and mountain biking. Make your means to Buffalo Point y White roca Bay, which have overlooks whereby you have the right to see ns lake and nearby islands.

The parque is additionally a ancha birdwatching spot and one of ns most scenic areas in Salt lake City for stargazing. Simply be aware that over there is un small enntrance gate fee.

7. Liberty Park, something girlfriend can’t miss out on in Salt lake City

If you’re wondering what to execute in downtown Salt lago City, examine out Liberty Park. This publicly urban parque has a pond with two islands, several recreational activities, y historic landmarks, together as ns Isaac follow Mill.

Another cool place in the parque is los Tracy Aviary, which dwellings over cuatrocientos birds representing over ciento treinta species. There, you’ll uncover exhibits such as los Owl Forest and Pelican Pond, and it’s un fun thing to execute in sal Lake city with kids.

7. Liberty Park, something you can’t miss out on in Salt lake City

I likewise recommend checking el fin the Chase página de inicio of Utah individual Arts for something cost-free to do in Salt lago City. The museo shares native and traditional art forms, consisting of crafts, music, and dance.

Within los park, there are plenty that recreational avenues for picnicking, horseshoeing, and swimming. There are additionally basketball, volleyball, tennis, and bocce courts, y a 1.5-mile jogging path.

Depending on when you go, there might be seasonal amusements choose paddleboats and festivals. The parque is a generalizado spot because that watching the Pioneer day fireworks (July 24), y on Sundays, it’s typical to see and hear north circle performances.

8. Park City y other ski resorts

Skiing is one of los top tasks in Salt lago City, and there are number of great complejos turísticos to check out.

Among the most extendido is Park ciudad Mountain Resort, i beg your pardon is just treinta y dos miles south-east of downtown Salt lago City. It has slalom training runs for ns U.S. Ski Team, y the resort held the 2002 Winter Olympics snowboarding events. Plus, Park ciudad attracts skiers desde all gastos generales the country, for this reason you deserve to bet the you’ll obtain some an excellent runs here.

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8. Park City and other ski resorts

Deer Valley is another Salt Lake ciudad hotspot for skiing. A more luxurious option that additionally hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics, Deer valle is known as one of los top ski resorts in the U.S. Ns visit right here is a nice thing because that couples to do in Salt lago City, as the resort offers ns state-licensed daycare and ski valets that can carry your gear.

Snowbird is open up year-round and, along with Alta Ski Area, occupies ns Little Cottonwood Canyon. The two complejos turísticos offer uno joint trabaja pass so girlfriend can accessibility all ns trails ~ above both mountains.

You might additionally want to inspect out Solitude hill Resort or Brighton Ski Resort in los Big Cottonwood Canyon. As you can see, friend won’t run fuera of options if you’re into snow sports!

9. La red Butte Garden, uno lovely location to visit in Salt lago City

Strolling through Red Butte Garden y Arboretum is one of los most romantic points to carry out in Salt lago City. Nestled in ns foothills of los Wasatch Range, ns 21-acre garden is los largest factory garden in los Intermountain West.

It likewise shares a state arboretum with los University the Utah and is open up year-round. Los gardens room community-funded, so there is an admission fee, but identificación think it’s precious it to view all los lovely flowers and plants.

9. Red Butte Garden, a lovely location to visit in Salt lago City

There are several themed areas, including an Herb Garden, flores Walk, Water Pavilion Garden, rose Garden, y Wildflower Meadow. The arboretum has comprehensive daffodil, lilac, y conifer collection and hosts comunidad events throughout los year. Ns outdoor summer concert series is a ancha activity for families, but you deserve to find arte exhibits y tours at any time of year.

With over 500,000 springtime blossoms y the pretty la red Butte Creek corriendo through it, ns arboretum is just one of the best attractions in Salt lago City for all ages.

10. Natural History museo of Utah

Not sure what to carry out in sal Lake city when the rains? Then, check out the Natural History museo of Utah, which is ns cool place to go anytime.

The museum’s exhibitions emphasis on the naturalmente history the Utah and the Intermountain West. Un visit below will do you think about ns impacts of human civilization ~ above the naturalmente environment.

As component of los University the Utah, the museo has gastos generales 1.6 million objects y artifacts. Each of los collections and displays offer ns chance to discover about los culture y geology of ns area. There room exhibits focused on anthropology, paleontology, vertebrate zoology, mineralogy, and more.

10. Natural History museo of Utah, one of ns best museum in Salt lake City

The museum is one of those unique points to carry out in Salt lake City because you have the right to learn much more about ns immediate natural environment. Discover more about los First peoples of los area, local gems and minerals, y the ecology of the Great sal Lake y Range Creek.

Then, undertaking out and explore the lake or the creek, i m sorry flows representar the Colorado River. Los land around variety Creek days to ad 500-1350. Substantial collections of old artifacts y ruins have actually been uncovered there consisting of arrowheads, beads, stone tools, and ceramics. Come visit, you must purchase a día permit, i m sorry is easily accessible at los museum.

11. Homestead Crater agua con gas Dome

One of los most unique outdoor tasks in Salt lago City is taking un soak in the Homestead Crater. Locally recognized as “The Crater,” this geothermal feather sits inside a 55-foot-deep limestone rock. It was formed about 10,000 la edad ago y today, it’s one of los top places of attention in Salt lago City.

The crater is actually un caldera, and at cuatrocientos feet wide, it’s an impressive sight come see. If it supplied to be a more secluded y secret spot, this day it’s uno popular attraction in Salt lake City for snorkeling y scuba diving, y the only warm-water scuba diving place in los U.S.

11. Homestead Crater agua con gas Dome

The water always hovers in between 90° and 96°F, y the minerales deposits do it an especially therapeutic ar to relax y soak. You deserve to visit los nearby Homestead Resort, which has been operating for over 125 years y offers self-guided crater tours through ns tunnel in los rock. It’s really affordable, although girlfriend can publication special visitant packages or ns paddleboard yoga class.

12. Timpanogos Cave país Monument & los Alpine Loop Scenic Byway

Another way to discover the natural beauty of this area is come take ns trip to the Timpanogos Cave national Monument. Sit atop mount Timpanogos in ns Wasatch Range, the national monument protects ns Timpanogos Cave y Historic District.

It’s likewise one of los coolest places come visit in Salt lago City because it features numero 3 caves (Timpanogos, Middle, y Hansen) associated by a serie of manmade tunnels. Several monitoring platforms enable you to marvel at ns colorful cave formations inside, choose stalagmites, stalactites, cavern popcorn, y flowstone.

You have the right to visit the país monument throughout guided tours representar May-September.

12. Timpanogos Cave país Monument & ns Alpine Loop Scenic Byway

If you have actually time, drive along the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway delaware visiting the caves. This 20-mile drive starts at americano Fork Canyon y goes through ns Uinta nacional Forest come Provo Canyon. Along los way, you’ll ocurrir by Timpanogos, too as the Sundance hill Resort.

I introduce taking los drive in the fall for this reason you deserve to see the beautiful autumn foliage juxtaposed with the surrounding glaciers. If you have time, you can make a quick detour to Cascade Springs, an easy hike con waterfalls y alpine meadows. Once you acquire to Provo Canyon, check out the 600-foot-tall Bridal Veil Falls, the tallest waterfall in Utah.

13. José Smith memorial Building

The Joseph Smith memorial Building is another must-see in Salt lago City‘s temple Square. Initially called los Utah Hotel, the building was named after Joseph Smith, founder of ns Latter-Day smo movement. It’s ~ above the nacional Register of historic Places and exemplifies los Mormon culture of ns area.

The building includes uno hotel, tres restaurants, trece banquet rooms, y administrative workplaces for ns LDS Church. Constructed in ns Renaissance resurgence style, los structure is uno luxurious addition to temple Square and a top ar to visit in Salt lake City for gourmet dining.

13. Joseph Smith memorial Building, an extraordinary ar to walk in Salt lago City

The Church likewise uses los building for its chapel and Legacy Theater, i beg your pardon shows complimentary church-produced movies. It likewise has uno FamilySearch Center, which focuses on genealogy.

Visitors have the right to take ns free tour of the josé Smith memorial Building, which might be an interesting thing to do. If you go, check fuera de the webcams, i beg your pardon document the two peregrine falcons that nest atop the building every year.

14. Historical Lion & Beehive Houses

Two more historical places in Salt lago City’s Temple cuadrado are the Beehive and Lion houses. Both structures played an integral role in ns growth of the LDS Church in Utah.

The Beehive House was constructed in mil ochocientos cincuenta y cuatro and served as Mormon leader Brigham Young’s an initial home. The beehive is ns symbolic facet in Mormonism, signifying ns need for teamwork and harmony for people to thrive. Together such, there is ns beehive sculpture atop los house. You deserve to take a free tourism of the casa as well as ns Brigham young Historic Park, i m sorry was component of ns family’s farmland.

14. Historical Lion & Beehive Houses

Adjacent to ns Beehive house is the Lion House. Constructed in mil ochocientos cincuenta y seis for Young’s growing family, the casa now offer as ns venue because that weddings and banquets. Over there are several exquisite rooms for one-of-a-kind events, and an outdoor garden. Store an eye fuera de for ns lion frosting on los roof, y pop into los Lion casa Pantry Restaurant for some homemade honey butter.

15. Clark Planetarium, something funny to perform in Salt lake City

Finally, a visit come the Clark Planetarium is a good activity in Salt lake City for those cold and rainy days.

The 10,000ft² space features ns full-dome IMAX theater and three floors the earth and space exhibits. Funny for kids and adults, ns planetarium is un great method to learn more about the moon, room weather, ns planets, and other astronomical subjects.

15. Clark Planetarium, something fun to execute in Salt lago City

It’s one of ns best attractions in downtown Salt lago City, and an affordable way to invest an afternoon. The interactive exhibits enable you to explore the immensity of black color holes, los velocity that meteors, and the past, present, y future of space travel.

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That’s it for los best things to execute in Salt lago City! together you deserve to see, SLC has a good balance of history, culture, and nature, therefore it’s ns great location to visit in Utah. Be sure to check out our map of landmarks and Salt Lake city attractions to destinadas your perfect itinerary.

I recognize you’ll reap your hora in SLC, yet if you have any questions, feel cost-free to leave them in the comments, and I’ll be happy to help!