Buy skip-the-line tickets on line for the de verdad Alcazar in Seville with afternoons ns best hora slots come visit ns palace complex and gardens.

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No Queuing at the verdadero Alcazar in dos mil veintiuno — Advanced on line Tickets room Obligatory

Buying advance on line tickets is at this time obligatory because that visiting the verdadero Alcazar in Sevilla. This royal palace facility with uno magnificent Mudéjar masterpiece at its core y extensive gardens is justifiably one of ns top most ancha sights to see in Andalusia y all of Spain. Los number of tourists inside at any type of given tiempo is limitado but representar May 2021, only visitors with time-slot reservation tickets are permitted to enter los complex — tickets space NOT sold onsite. En línea entry tickets room often accessible only a few weeks in advance, if guided tourism are often sold additional in advance and a an excellent option come secure join on a specific day. Combination tours with ns equally generalizado and busy cathedral room often better value. Totally free admission is feasible for the por último hour ~ above Mondays but likewise requires one advance on-line reservation.

Ticket options for the verdadero Alcazar después Sevilla in 2021


NOTE: Currently, only visitors con advance time-slot bookings are permitted into the verdadero Alcazar — this mechanism is supposed to continue to be in force for at the very least the completamente 2021.

The verdadero Alcazar is one of ns most ancha tourist sights to view in Spain. The receives virtually 1.8 million annual visitors. For conservation reasons, only 750 people are permitted inside the palace facility at any given time with los number diminished to only 250 per hour in 2021. Only visitors with advance reservation ticket or members the guided tours are admitted — it is not possible to queue up for tickets or come buy advancement timeslot tickets onsite in person.

The basic ticket and admission choices for the verdadero Alcazar in Seville are:


General admission (Entrada General) — accessibility to ns ground floor of ns palace complex and gardens. This is los standard ticket the allows uno visit without un guided tour. Main audioguides may be added. Buy en línea in advance.

Royal Apartments (Entrada especialmente al cuarta Real Alto) — access to ns furnished royal palace upper floor might be added to the general admission. This choice is only accessible in the mornings y uses really strict tiempo slot admission. On-line reservations are very advisable, otherwise, make bookings as quickly as entering ns complex.

Guided tours — un variety the options from private tourism operators. This tours provide immediate access y tour members may of course continue to be inside the palace complex and gardens in ~ the end of ns tour. Tours are often ns good late-minute choice too for ensuring uno visit if regular tickets room not however on salga far in advance. Los best worth is regularly longer tours that incorporate further website in Sevilla especially ns cathedral — one more top sight that alguno sensible visitor would certainly attempt seeing without an advancement purchase ticket, which representar May 2021 is obligatory too.


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Buying Tickets because that the real Alcazar in Seville in 2021

Buying tickets onsite y in person at the verdadero Alcazar in Seville has been suspended representar May 2021. Online, development reservation tickets room obligatory and it is unlikely the viejo system that buying tickets at ns palace will certainly be resumed during 2021.

Although that is possible to buy tickets on-site at the de verdad Alcazar, this is un bad alternative at the best of times turning worse as the number of tourists increases. Ticket lines move excruciatingly slow as the number the people permitted into los complex at any kind of given tiempo is límite with ticket holders receiving choice at every times.

Visitors with tickets use the “Visitors with reservations” line and are admitted into the verdadero Alcazar during the stated tiempo slot – on an extremely busy days, even visitors with reservations may need to wait. If tickets room still available, travellers at the back of ns queue will do much better by buying ticket on uno mobile phone and go straight to the entrance (or walk elsewhere y return in ~ the siguiente time slot available).

Buy admission Tickets because that the verdadero Alcazar


Basic general admission tickets for the de verdad Alcazar in Sevilla room €11.50 – €3 because that students diecisiete to 25 and pensioners but totally free for niños under dieciséis (but incorporate them in on-line tickets). Any development purchase ticket adds un €1 “telematic” surcharge — currently obligatory however previously a very sound investment.

Time-slot preventive tickets room cheapest bought online directly desde the de verdad Alcazar website – it is currently fairly badly designed y some details may be in Spanish only. Buying v resellers is additionally an option y may give savings as soon as combining con further sights y tours.

The basic real Alcazar ticket provides admission to the palace complex and the gardens but not to ns optional imperial apartments. Although described as the “General Tour” ticket, cuales tour is involved — it is self-guided con only un very basic mapa available for free. One audioguide may be included for approximately €6. Very little information is on screen inside ns palace – ns good guidebook, an audio guide or guided tours space all sensible options.

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Buy tickets on website (currently no possible) just on los quietest days and even during los lowest of pequeño seasons, having time-slot reservations is a wise investment. Nearly without exception, “terrible” ratings top top TripAdvisor room for people without tickets who unnecessarily queued for hrs or failure to get into the de verdad Alcazar.

Free join to the de verdad Alcazar ~ above Mondays

Admission is cost-free on Monday during the final hour of ns day. Currently, that is obligatory come buy en línea tickets (€1) for this hora too, con tickets generally only accessible about un week in advance.

This totally free Monday is un good to save option but keep in mind that it might be important to rush uno bit before closing time. The number the visitors enabled into the palace facility remains límite so the is no much more crowded 보다 usual.

See ns Royal Apartments that the verdadero Alcazar

The imperial Apartments (Cuarto verdadero Alto) room around quince rooms on los upper floor of los palace. These may only be seen on an optional tour, which is only possible up come 13:30.

Either add the cuarta Real alto to the visión de conjunto tour once booking online, or try to make ns reservation at the dedicated desk as soon as entering the palace complex. The time on the reservation is for starting los tour — go into the real Alcazar complex any tiempo before that however at the very least half-an-hour prior to to be on time.

Admission to los royal apartments is strictly by tiempo slot reservations. Be at ns entrance on ns second floor on hora as it is impossible to catch up once the tour has started. Los half-an-hour tour is by audioguide – included for the apartments even if cuales audioguide is to buy for the rest of los complex. Visitors are relocated along by security guards, so it is not possible to linger longer in any room.

The royal apartments are not much different representar any various other European royal palace. Although part of ns rooms are named after Isabella me gustaría of Castile together (Isabel la Catolica) and Pedro I, the furnishings room mostly from the 19th century and thus not particularly viejo or that much historic importance. The main reception rooms continue to be impressive.

Many visitors having actually seen other palaces, may consider it €4.50 saved (no discount because that children, students or pensioners) by no seeing ns upper floor – ns Mudejar ground floor of los Palace that Pedro me gustaría is an extremely much ns top vision of the complex not ns royal apartments.

Guided tours of the de verdad Alcazar

A amplio variety that guided tourism are available to see the de verdad Alcazar después Sevilla. Tourism are ns good alternative to enter the palace complex without waiting and also uno great means to learn more about surprise details — surprisingly little information is provided inside the palace. Game of Throne themed tours are right now very popular too.

The cheapest guided tours are usually approximately an hour however longer tours may offer far better value. Better value is also feasible in mix tours, especially those consisting of Seville Cathedral – one more top sight that is uno nightmare to go into without an breakthrough purchase ticket. Family members tours are ns good selection for visitors con children. Tiny groups are an ext pleasant however note the some definir small groups as quince or also 20.

At the end of los tour, visitors might stay inside ns palace complex y gardens until regular closing time. If the is of interest, certain that los Alcazar is the por último sight watched on combination tours. Note that one-way systems may be in operation making backtracking more complicated or also impossible — this should however not be uno problem in ns gardens.

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See additionally more tips on visiting the de verdad Alcazar, un description of ns palace facility highlights and visiting Seville Cathedral.