Reserva Natural De La Garganta De Los Infiernos

Located in western sede Spain, lies Reserva natural Garganta del los Infiernos, which translates to Hell’s Thorat Nature Reserve; a stunning outdoor recreation destination situated at the western fin of los Sierra del Gredos hill range. The park contains veintisiete named mountains. Ns tallest height is Canchal del los Ballesteros which stands in ~ 2,342 m (7,684 ft) y the most prominent peak is Canchal del la Panera the has trescientos treinta y cinco m (1,099 ft) of prominence.

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Chorrero del la virgo waterfall at naturalmente Reserve Garganta de los Infiernos


Reserva natural Garganta después los Infiernos is located in los western central region the Spain, in ns Valle del Jerte (Jerte Valley) region that lies norte of los Cáceres province. The park spans 7,226 hectares (17,856 acres) across Spain.

The see of los reserve is raza to the surrounding Valle de Jerte. Ns protected an ar lies between two mountain ranges that are component of ns Gredos massif. Los Sierra ese Tormantos lie come the del sur while ns Traslasierra y Sierra ese Bejar lie to the northwest.The make reservation is well-known for its large network the waterfalls, rivers, streams, and deep pools the wind their means throughout los valley. Ns water erosion has actually left the distinct smooth rock beds along the river floor. early to ns high humidity of the reserve, vegetation thrives at all elevations.Temperatures aren’t extreme within the reserve though numerous of los higher peaks regularly get snowfall during the winter months. Rainfall in los reserve averages around 1500 mm (59 inches) annually.

Additionally, Reserva naturalmente Garganta ese los Infiernos is surrounded by other popular outdoor recreation areas. The cerveza Natural del las Batuecas y Sierra del Francia (Natural parque of las Batuecas- Sierra de Francia) lies to the northwest while betet Nacional de Monfragüe (Monfragüe nacional Park) lies to ns south.


Similar to ns mountains of west Spain, the rock within the reserve is mainly granite y gneiss. Ns granite in ns reserve is largely quartz, feldspar, y mica.The peaks within the reserve, and surrounding hundir began developing during los Primary Era, over trescientos cincuenta million years ago. A large body of water when covered the region y the class of sediment gathered along the seafloor. As the tectonic plates shift, the layers the sediment began to fold y the Sierra después Gredos emerged desde the seafloor.For countless years ns granite formations began to erode from the elements and the introduction of waterways. Today ns erosion has actually left behind rolling hills, smooth channels, and iconic riverbeds unique to the region.

Major peaks en the park include Canchal del los Ballesteros, Canchal de la Panera, alto de Castilfrio, y Risco ese la Buitrera.


Due to varying aviso in ns park, follow me with los humid environment, there is ns diverse quantity of vegetation throughout los reserve. Los deciduous forests within the reserve consist mostly of oak, hawthorn, chestnut, y cherry trees.Ribera woodlands can be found in the more humid components of the reserve, regularly near waterways. This sections of woodland are often filled with alder, willow, ash, yew, holly, and birch trees. While woodlands are found throughout much of the reserve, greater elevations are página de inicio to alpine pastures where heather y mountain saffron grow.The varying elevations in the parque also permit for un wide range animal to thrive. Wild cats and genet room often difficult to spot despite both of your populations grow within ns region. Other pets include mountain goat, otter, y desman.The skies are patria to uno wide selection of birds. These types include blackbird, golden eagle, eagle owl, goshawk, buzzard eagle, griffon vulture, and the rare black color stork.

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Human History

The Valle del Jerte (Jerte Valley) is known for than just ns beautiful reserve. The valley chin is well-known for that cherries. The cherries that flourish in los valley are well-known on both ns national y international level, ns rich history for los region. Though los Reserva natural Garganta ese los Infiernos was developed in November of 1994, humans have actually been inhabiting ns region for countless years.

The nearby ciudad of Plasencia was started in mil ciento ochenta y seis though artifacts show that humans have been life in the region long before. Los walled ciudad lies along ns Silver Route, helping add its success. Aqueducts, the city walls, and cathedrals date back hundreds the years, encapsulating the vast background of both ns city y the region.The productive plains nestled in los foothills of the park are additionally thought to have been populated for thousands of years. Today small villages y communities can be discovered along los outskirts of los park. The humid climate, intermixed with ns vast network the waterways allows for farming practices come flourish.

Major Trails & hiking Areas

Reserva naturalmente Garganta ese los Infiernos is patria to numerous trails. Here are part of los top hiking locations to visit in the park:

Garganta de los Infiernos y ruta de carlos V

This 15.3 kilometres (9.5 miles) hike has seiscientos ochenta y nueve m (2,260 ft) key gain. Ns loop trace starts near the ciudad of Jerte travel through un wide range of fauna. Ns trail climbs up lightly forested hills supplying views of los valley below before descending back down to the río Jerte (Jerte River). Little creeks can be throughout ns trail con spots to stop y swim.

Río Jerte —apoyándose Los Pilones -Refugio de Escribano

Also starting near the ciudad of Jerte is this brief 5.5 km (3.4 miles) hike that has doscientos diecisiete m (711 ft) elevation gain. Los trail climbs stability up ns hillside while following der Pilones. Throughout ns hiking are numerous spots come witness ns smooth walls of ns riverbed and also multiple lagoons come swim in.

Cerro ese las Uvas -papposo Los Pilones -Cuerda de los Lobos

For uno more forested hike, this route totals once km (7 miles) with 381 m (1,250 ft) key gain. Ns loop trace passes through shaded forested sections before connecting with der Pilones and ending at the rio Jerte (Jerte River).

Major Cities

Looking for ns place to stay close to Reserva naturaleza Garganta del los Infiernos? here are part of the best cities and villages to check fuera de in los region:


Located to the northwest of los reserve lies the city of Béjar. The ciudad has ns population of roughly 15,000 and the region has been inhabited because around cuatrocientos BC. Further created during ns Roman Hispania, some of the ancient city walls space still standing today.When the ciudad is visited by tourists, it is often since of its nearby proximity to los reserve and the surrounding mountains. Los Ducal palace is also located in the city which dates espalda to ns 16th century as fine as the bullfighting ring representar 1711. The city is also in near proximity to los Sierra del Béjar la Covatilla ski resort.

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Plasencia lies west of los Reserva natural Garganta ese los Infiernos. Ns walled ciudad has ns population of around 41,000 residents. Part of los main sights that the city include ns Vieja Romanesque, Cathedral Nueva, and Puerta ese Trujillo o de La Salud.The palace of Mirabel contains artifacts dating back to roman inn times, showcasing the long history of ns region. Delaware hiking in ns surrounding valley y mountains, un trip to the viejo district is certain to deliver delicious food and local artisan shops.