The Basilica después Santa Maria después Mar was developed during the 14th siglo on a site which to be once lived in by ns Roman Amphitheatre. Ns church took 55 years to build and is uno rare instance of pure Catalan Gothic design (most churches and cathedrals are ns combination that styles). The simplicity of design and almost enteramente lack of adornment give the church an environment of unsurpassed serenity.

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Santa Maria de Mar Basilica
In 1428 the church to be shaken by uno major earthquake the destroyed the large rose window i m sorry was changed in mil cuatrocientos cincuenta y nueve by the one we deserve to see today. In 1909, during uno week which came to be known as the Tragic week (setmana tragica), the church was set on fire by anarchy protesting versus conscription to fight in los Second Rif War. Ns fire melted many of los stained glass windows and destroyed the original alter y organ too as a large quantity of historical documents.
Santa Maria ese Mar

Santa Maria ese Mar Basilica Rooftop Tour

From might to October you have the right to take uno guided tour of the church y it’s roof terraces. Return I’m not generally uno big pan of tours, me gustaría thought that this one was very great value. Ns tour starts desde the ticket workdesk just inside los west entrance from Plaça ese Santa Maria y lasts cuarenta y cinco minutes.After un short arrival in ns nave, many of the tour is spent on ns roof where the guide explains how ns church to be built, los history of santa Maria del Mar and the neighboring neighbourhood that La Ribera. Although ns tour concentrates on the church itself, our overview was an extremely knowledgeable y was able to answer more visión de conjunto questions about los history the Barcelona y Catalonia. Please keep in mind that los roof is reached by climbing uno narrow spiral staircase and there is no lift.I recommend that you take the tour early on in ns day, before ns crowds arrive and before that gets too hot. We checked out at 11am and there were only 3 people in our group. Ns ticket allows you come visit ns church again later in the día when ns choir is open up (from 1pm to 5 pm). If you favor taking photos, it’s precious noting that in ns afternoon (when you need to pay to enter) ns church is much less busy y better illuminated.

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The Portal del Born entrance

Time needed To Visit

If girlfriend take ns rooftop tour then identificación recommend you permit an hour in total. Cuarenta y cinco minutes for the tour plus quince minutes to visit los nave y choir.If you room visiting without ns tour then diez to fifteen minutes need to be enough tiempo to visit the nave and take a few photos.

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Information in English?

Tours are performed in English, Catalan y Spanish.

Opening Times y Entry Fee

Mon – satellite 9:30 – 13:00 17:00 – 20:30 cost-free entry come the entrega onlySunday 10:00 – 13:00 17:00 – 20:00 cost-free entry to the nave only13:00 – 17:00 enntrance gate to ns nave, choir and crypt €811:00 – 19:00 Rooftop tour typical €10, reduced (students OAPs etc.) €8 (Includes accessibility to ns nave, choir, crypt and roof terraces)Santa Maria ese Mar rooftop tour with English speak guide online price €8.50Discounts obtainable for barna Card holders and Barcelona map Express
The roof terraces of papa noel Maria del Mar


Plaça después Santa Maria No. 1 in ns La Ribera / ns Born neighbourhood that Barcelona

How to get There

The nearest metro stations are Jaume I y Barceloneta on ns yellow line L4

Other Attractions Nearby

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