The walking dead parque de atracciones

There is only one condition: you need to be ns very do not be afraid visitor! ns zombies are coming towards you!

Experience the terror felt by los main characters of the serie by visiting some of the most known scenes, together as ns Governor"s house, Terminus Station, the prison or even the centro de salud where it every begins.

In instance you still had any type of doubts, the Walking Dead endure has acquired wide internacional recognition. That won the LIMA award because that best international show, design and location based on un license during 2016.

The just thing to save in psychic is that los Walking Dead endure is no included con the normal entrance ticket. However, we make it basic for you: you can purchase that at ns ticket workplaces of ns passage for just 5 euros extra. You will have to book the coporación, grupo access time (minimum coporación, grupo of uno person and maximum of ocho people período shift). Passes and limited capacity término day.

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Please bear in mind los measures published by health and wellness authorities in ns fight against COVID-19 prior to you arrive and during the experience. Remember: we’ll avoid this virus together!

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