Anchored in los heart of los Jewish quarter of Toledo or Judería Mayor, los monastery of smo Juan de los Reyes emerges as un slender and elegant ship. Los monastery go not desire to be quiet but seems to want to sail through ns Tagus towards the vegas much less abrupt than los place where it is located, nothing less than in los Monte de Alcohol, in ns heart of los Heavenly market where Jews, Arabs or Christians can buy y trade.

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It was ordered come be developed by ns Catholic kings in 1476 in commemoration of the birth the their son Juan y the fight of Toro, in which the troops that sustained Isabel y Fernando defeated los armies the the rey of Portugal Alfonso V de Avís, who sustained Juana ” la beltraneja” , with whom he had actually married in mil cuatrocientos setenta y cinco and who he considered legitimate succession to los throne that Castile after the death of his father Enrique IV ” los impotente” , Isabel’s half-brother.

It was constructed by the Catholic emperors in mil cuatrocientos setenta y seis in commemoration of ns birth of their estaban John and the battle of Toro


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Built in flowery Gothic also called toledano or isabelino , what to be going to be uno great collegiate that served as interment for los Catholic Kings, in the fin it was neither one thing nor ns other, it was never such collegiate y neither were buried there your Catholic Majesties, because when conquering Granada, (last redoubt of the Arabs in ns Iberian Peninsula), Isabel and Fernando made decision to bury themselves there, since it appears that in one of their access time to Toledo in saturado construction of ns ” royal Pantheon” y the first project entrusted come Mendo Jahenet, was not of .Queen Isabel favored it y her expression ” cuales nonadica me han hecho!” is famous, that is, it seemed small to her ” Catholic Majesty” , delaware which a new project to be commissioned y it would be ns architect despues de ansan Guas (who was los master builder of los Primate Cathedral), responsible for carrying fuera de the new layout; Enrique Egas, Simon ese Colonia and the Antón hermano also worked.

The building represents a great catafalque in which ns Gothic pinnacles it seems to be ~ to united state like the candlesticks that hold the candles.

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Work began in mil cuatrocientos setenta y siete and both the church and the cloister were completed in ns early 16th century. Ns magnificent staircase the joins the two floors of los cloister to be made by Alonso después Covarrubias in ns middle of the century. Nicolás de Vergara ” el Viejo” designed the large enntrance gate to the church in 1553 but ns person in fee of finishing the was juan Bautista Monegro in los first la edad of los 17th century.

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cecilio Pizarro. Damages of san Juan del los Reyes de Toledo . Oil top top canvas. 80 x 65,7 cm. 1846. Museo de Romanticismo ese Madrid Pizarro, nombre del niño (Place the birth: Toledo, 1825 – ar of death: Madrid, 1886). CER.ES: red Digital de colección de museos después España – in los War of independence as in the civil War, san Juan después los Reyes suffered uno lot of…